NEWS 2015
  Oct.+Nov.+Dec. 2015
  AW Community Meetings (oct.+nov.+dec.)

During the Community Meetings, there will be talked about the lastest news in Activeworlds, about future events and new realizations. Here are some of the topics :

* Alpha Halloween 2015
* The Alpha Journal - new blog website
* Candyland game - now with real candy prize
* TGIF - new concept : bring the TGIF party to your place
* Winter Holiday Village 2015
* Omg 2016 awards
* tip : create texture command in the worlds aw, mars, yellow , winter

  July+Aug.+Sept. 2015
  AW Community Meetings (july+aug.+sept.)

On the 1st and 3rd sunday of each month, the is the AW Community Meeting , hosted by Bach Zhaa (#360197). These are some of the topics :

* - new features and updates
* MyAW Action Builder - feature allowing access by paying PTZ
* Blogspot websites - one of which about the Community Meetings
* Wisteria Lane - masked textures for plants in Alphaworld
* city of Fantasia - new building city area in Alphaworld
* AWMyths - new features, website, forum and facebook group
* AWMuseum expands
* - new website
* Game Expo - games area
* Electric City - new city in Cofmeta world

  June 2015
  AwExpo 2015

After months of preparation , the AWExpo 2015 was officially opened on 21st June, 1 week before the 20th anniversary of Activeworlds. AwExpo is located in Alphaworld on position 7700S 1400E. The AWExpo area has been build with a team of 18 builders , and the area is showing the best things that can be done with the Activeworlds software.

The purpose of the AwExpo is also to show what has been realized after 20 years of Activeworlds. The inauguration of the AWExpo on 21st of June is 1 week before the 20th anniversary of Activeworlds.

  April +May+June 2015
  AW Community Meetings (apr.+may+june)

Twice a month, the is the AW Community Meeting , hosted by Bach Zhaa (#360197). These are some of the topics :

* web resource with selfiemaker and events publisher
* AW 20th Anniversary events
* AWComittees
* AWExpo area
* AW Calendar input form : now on
* : new features
* MyAW opens in beta version

  April 2015 : new community site

Maxpoly (#299422) has designed a new website. This is a kind of social community site but for Activeworlds members only . Everyone can register and come a member and add messages, ideas, events, pictures, videos and blogs. You can add friends or get requests from others. Not everyone uses the Activeworlds Facebook groups to post messages or pictures, but this webpage is a good alternative :

  January 2015
  AlphaMapper rediscovered

The Alphamapper shows a map of Alphaworld in 2008 , this was the last time that the bot has scanned the entire world . When you go to the website and you choose in the menu to view the Alphamapper, then you will notice that Alphamapper doesn't work anymore ( grey screen instead of the map). However, there are still 2 ways of using the Alhamapper (of 2008). The first way is viewing the Alphamapper by typing the correct url link. The second way is by using the specific url images of Alphamapper.

  Jan.+Feb.+March 2015
  AW Community Meetings (jan.+feb.+march)

Bach Zhaa continues with the Community Meetings, which he hosts twice a month : on the 1st week and the 3rd week each month. Things being discussed :

* Last year's realizations in AW and the community
* The Extreme Builders Talent Show (EBTS 6)
* Activeworlds server move
* AWForum versus Facebook
* Animations classes / workshops
* Aurora world and Smart TV
* Uni Landing Zone etiquette - Peacekeepers and gatekeepers


  January 2015
  Texture City in the world Yellow

There has been talked about it already in the Community Meetings of december, and with the release of the new Yellow Gazette its finally officially announced : in the world Yellow there is a new texture yard with 9000 textures. The texture yard is called "Texture City" , located at 973N 1984E and the textures are exposed as if they were small windows on office buildings and skyscrapers, representing a real city. This city has been built by Apooka (#363660) , and with the help of Ozman (#357777) . This building project has been presented as the new year's gift for all builders of the Yellow world.

  January 2015
  Introduction of Clients

On 20th december 2014 , Activeworlds has changed 1 item in the tabs screen window (F9-key) : the number of online "users" and number of "remote users(bots)" have been replaced by the number of online "clients", which means that also all the online bots are included now. The reason for this change is because the users entering via mobile connection belong to the remote users list, so Activeworlds decided the change that and use only 1 clients list.