20 dec.2015-1 jan. 2016
  Christmas events 2015
These were some of the Christmas events :
* 26th december : Midi Music Trivia in the world Français
* 26th december : Winter Holiday Fun Party with Mind Games
* 27th december : Trivia (in french) in the world Français
* 31th december : Hollywood Tower Hotel in the world Aurora

  31 oct.-1 nov. 2015
  Halloween 2015
There were again some great events and parties for Halloween :
* 1st-31st october : Alpha Halloween building site
* 31st october : Halloween party in Yellow
* 1st november : Halloween parade (in the Halloween building site)

  oct.-nov. 2015
  Autumn parties
Here you can read and view about a few of the many parties which are organized in Activeworlds.
* 9th october - TGIF party in  Fantasia ( AW 5803N 5508E 1a )
* 23th october - TGIF party in The Dark Night ( AW 13985N 14126E )
* 26th november - Thanksgiving parade ( AW 7880S 1338E )

  july-august-sept. 2015
  Summer parties
Weekly during this summer there where hosted parties in different worlds and locations. We are showing you a few succesful ones. The parties published here were hosted in the worlds AW and AWTeen, which are building worlds. This means that you can look at the action commands of the builds, and use some ideas for making your own dance club...
* 4th july - anniversary party in Phoenix City
* 25th july - AW birthday party in AWExpo Club
* 21st august - TGIF party in Club Atmosphere
* 12th september - Acronym X Game party in Delight

  27th June 2015
  AW Community Picture

For this 20th anniversary weekend , there has been made again a community picture.This time the AWExpo staircase has been chosen as the spot to gather for the picture. A few people (like me) were just too late for the picture and have been added with photoshop. Only those who wanted to be upon the picture and still arrived during the event have been added like that. For some people you would think they had no avatar, but some avatar are so small (e.g. birde) that you can barely see it upon the picture.

Click upon the picture to enlarge --->

  26th June 2015
  AW Museum

The AW Museum opened its doors on 26th June and is hosted by Kenneth (#313432) .See what is most likely the oldest structure that still exists in Active Worlds! Go back in time under the glass dome that makes up the brand new AW Museum and check out 50 showcases from 1995 to 1996.. Opened just in time for AW's 20 Year Anniversary! location : AW 11910S 2015W .

  13th June 2015
  2 Hour Urban Combat contest

The world Combat is hosted by Ozyseo and Iao Moonshadow and together they have started up what can be compared with a paintball game, but here they play with guns, and the aim is to kill as many as possible.

For this first Combat event there were nice prizes to be won.


  6th June 2015
  2 Hour Building contest

This 2 hour building contest was hosted by Kenneth (#313432) . The contest area was located in AW at 12000S 2000W and the participants had the occasion to win a prize . As the contest only lasted for 2 hours, the building lots were only 16 cells too.

  March-April-May 2015
  Parties in AWReunion

In AWReunion, we have still have the weekly TGIF parties on friday, as well as the birthday parties on saturday. Let's have a look....

  11 April 2015
  Maxpoly's 59th anniversary issue


Sometimes, citizens celebrate with a birthday party, this time it's Maxpoly who organized his birtday in the world AWMix07.


  25 April 2015
  Multiple choice gravity trivia

Last year , the gravity trivia has been introduced in the world Venice-Venezia. Now Panne (#365962) has made a multiple choice version of the game. Multiple choice makes it easier for all players : the correct answer is always there. And there is also a bit of luck involved : even if you don't know the solution, you always have the chance to click upon the right one. The game is also less complicated : you only need to click upon the balls. There is a reset button and there is a teleport button that's all. The Multiple Choice Gravity Games will be announced upon the AW Calendar..


  22 March 2015
  Bingo games are back again !

After 2 years of absence , the bingo games have been restarted , and will be played either in the worlds : Citbing0 or Citbingo . Game host is still Garnet (#302030).

The bingo games will be played on a montly basis : each last sunday of the month (instead of weekly on fridays). But anyway , every bingo game will be posted on the calendar, so check it out :). Games rules still remain the same, but prizes will be different now.

  21 March 2015
  Deal or No Deal

GSK(#348037) has started this month with a new game in his world Aurora : Deal or No Deal , which is also very popular on TV, just like the other games has made before. The game is in the same style as those previous games, but for this game also Skype is used to make the game complete.

  1 Febrnary -> 29 March 2015
  EBTS 6 - Extreme builders talent show 6

This year there is again a EBTS building contest, and this 6th edition is located in Alphaworld on position 7500S 500E . The contest starts on 1st February and ends on 29th of March. The building lots for the contestants are huge : 200m x 200m or 400 cells in total which equals the size of a p10 world. Everyone can participate (except for the jury) and everyone is free to choose his/her own theme , but the building scene needs to be in the extreme (quality, presentation, skills) and this year the judges will look with special attention to the animations in the building scene.

  January 2015
  January events

On 11th January , we had the Winter Holiday Village Awards in the world Winter.

On 17th January, there was another Super Millionaire Game in the world Aurora

On 24th Jarnuary, there was the Animations Workshop in the world AWschool

On 24th January, there was also the January Birthday Party in the world AWReunion

  31 Dec. 2014 - 01 Jan. 2015
  New Years Eve Party in AWTeen

New Years Eve Party has been organized in the world AWTeen on position 2183S 3600W 1.5A . The event has been hosted by Sir Greendown (#404908), who has built a nice night club with spots and pe-lights on the floor. There is also a juke box, with several radio stations and dance sequence buttons and there is also a cocktail bar.

This club is located in a valley of Phoenix City, and the club building is located at a square where you will find a glass pyramid (2182S 3576W) and a American Football stadium (2184S 3620W) . But Phoenix City is a new building project and is not limited to this valley only but there are several valleys. Tsukasa (#333153) had built in 2009 this mountain range using the Demeter bot (made by Dr.Squailboont ) and with the purpose of letting people build as they please in the mountain range. Other Phoenix City places : 2032S 3430W 3A (City Mall) and 2300S 3540W (Object Yard area)