The explorers Club

22 August - This time Keshi (#352322) brought us to the world SFGate, and it's a huge p90-world . The world is owned by CableCar Gal (#288431) , and she is today's host together with NYGiants (#179751) , who has helped building this world.

The world contains a wide variety of interactive things, certainly when you talk about transport : there are movers for cars, scooters, boats, balloon rides , horses , and there is a network of server controlled movers for bus trolleys, taxis and there is also an underground railway system.

To be explored...
  Nimbus Land

Imagine you have a huge treehouse in a giant tree, which is so high that it's reaching the sky. That what you can build in Activeworlds, and and with some imagination you can build or explore a village in the clouds.... Nimbus Land is a part of the SWCity area.

Nimbus has already been created in 2002 by Ferruccio(345061) and Syntax(#308403) , and SWChris(#306637) . Nimbus Land has been rebuilt and restyled in 2009 and 2010.

To be explored...
  Happy Valley

Happy Valley is a huge area in Alphaworld, in the neighbourhood of SWCity. Most of the area has been built by TenYearsGone(#378183) and it has 2 trolley rails each consisting of multiple trolley mover tracks. There has been put a lot of attention to landscaping (shear and 9e9 moves) and there are some splendid Victorian houses on several locations, which have had a remake as well.

Happy Valley is still an active building zone inside AlphaWorld and has also its own FaceBook group.

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The explorers Club

21 February - This time the world Mystica has been explored. Mystica is a p50 world and is owned by Perra (#261818) and he runs this world together with his wife Zanna. (#352837) and they live in Sweden. Mystica is a fantasy world creation, with lots of villages, rivers , hills and forests , so a little bit like you might see in Sweden.

The explorers Club

10 January - The explorers club took us this time to the world AWTrains. This world contains models made by Pelican (#354436) and the train bots scripting is made by Karten (#315184) and is sponsored by Activeworlds.