NEWS 2014
  December 2014
  AW Community meetings (december)
07 December 2014 - @ Winter Holiday Village 2014 - 682N 1998E
1. Activeworlds updates (version 6.2 ) : Mac - Ubuntu Linux
2. Winter Holiday Village
3. Yellow World
21 December 2014 - @ Winter Holiday Village 2014 - 660N 1973E
1. Winter Holiday Village
2. Activeworlds updates (version 6.2) : Touch Devices

  December 2014
  AW Visitor Statistics : Analysis

Tomas (#312020) did change the lay-out of the website He has also added statistics about the current number of objects of 11 large public building worlds.

If you look at the visitors statistics however, you have now an overview per month , per day and per hour, but you don't have any graphic presentation. AWTimes made some helpful diagrams for you for these first months.....

  November 2014
  AW Community meetings (november)


02 November 2014-@ Beimini world
1. Beimini world - Wings3d modeling classes
2. website - updates
3. OMG!awards - presentation
16 November 2014 - @ Winter Holiday Village 2014 - 682N 1998E
1. Activeworlds version 6.2 - Chrome Embedded Framework
2. Winter Holiday Village - presentation of the village and the contest
3. EBTS6 contest : brainstorming

  October 2014
  AW Community meetings (october) (november issue)
05 October 2014 - @ AWCOM world
1. AWCOM world - world presentation
2. website - new features
3. OMG!awards - presentation
4. Activeworlds on a Mac
19 October 2014 - @ AWReunion 300S 0W (Halloween 2014)
1. Activeworlds Browser Update and Reinstall issues
2. Activeworlds Error reporting issues
3. Planning & hosting events
4. Awcom Media Suite
5. Halloween events

  September 2014
  AW Visitor Statistics Website
Tomas (#312020) has made a data search function which you can view upon the webpage : The statistics have started on 13th September, and this website will show the number of online visitors in Activeworlds, day by day, hour after hour.
For the month of September starting from that day, there was an average number of 41.89 visitors. The calmest day was 23 September with 36.51 visitors, the busiest day was the 20th with 49.24 visitors. For those which are disappointed about these numbers : also the calmest hours are included in these numbers, which will cause a lower average number of visitors calculated over 24 hours. But you can also see the activity per hour : ranging from 20 visitors for the calmest hours up to 63 visitors for the busiest hours
These visitor statitics utility can be compared with the Chkwrld -bot developed by Andras (#106479), but here you will have visitors peaks of e.g. 70 users or more, registrating the maximum number at a certain moment an not calculated over an entire hour. On the website however, these numbers are the average numbers of visitors per hour. Anyway, this website information is a useful tool for those who want to make analysis on the visitors activity of Activeworlds.
  September 2014 : renewed website

Since june 2013 , when free citizenship was introduced, there was a remake of the Activeworlds website , because the content of the "old" website was still about tourists and citizens and about the advantages of citizenship. Also the pricing policy for world owners has been changed. That's why is was necessary last year, to introduce a new website. However, the website was not good enough to attract new visitors.

In february 2014, GSK(#348037) has started with his website , which he had improved constantly with new updates , features and php scripts.. Now, finally this website has been implemented on the website . The "awcom"-part has become part of the menu, and focuses now on "" , which supports various applications, such as universe chat, community radio, streaming video, ..... has also constantly new updates.
The new menu includes : worlds panoramic pictures, Smaug's calendar, a clear pricing list with links to the payment site, links to designers of models, AW Community organizations, information resources (also these AWTimes webpages), utilities (such as bot programs and the rwx-viewer), object and texture yards, the AWwiki , AW forum and AW support form, a downloads page and also the AWComTV webpage.
This picture has been the portal presentation of the website at the beginning of October 2014, but has changed in the meanwhile, because the site is constantly updated .:
  September 2014
  AW Community meetings (september) (october issue)
07 September 2014 -@ AW Landing Zone
1. website - community input form
2. Panorama pictures - useful tips
3. AW World Magazine : editions archive
4. Midi Files
21 September 2014 - @ AWReunion 300S 0W (Halloween 2014)
1. Halloween building event in AWReunion
2. Using the panorama pictures
3. Activeworlds visitor statistics
4. Image font system


  August 2014
  AW Home Radio Station
Maxpoly (#299422) has introduced a new world radio with multiple radio stations. Basically, it allows anyone to place a working multi station streaming radio in their build. This can be achieved with a webcap command on a simple picture object. The item contains all popular AW stations and some user added stations as well. If you would like to have a station added please telegram MaXPoly with theURL , and the station will be added on the website of . Everyone can use the AW Home Radio Station in his/her world or building zone : Put this command upon a pictwll object and try it out :
create scale 1 2 1 , picture ; activate web url= sw=435 sh=730
Now how to use the radio ?
* Web commands and sounds must be enabled in the Activeworlds menu settings.
* Click upon the picture and a webcap screen will open : you will see the website of the radio stations and click upon the radio stations of your choice.
* You can change by clicking upon another radio station or stop listening by clicking upon the X on the upper line of the webcap window , or if you walk too far away, the radio will stop automatically.
  August 2014
  AW Community meetings (august) (september issue)
03 August 2014 -@ AW Landing Zone
1. AW Version 6.1 - new update
2 . AW Version 7.0 - presentation of Angelscript
17 August 2014 - @ Paintball world
1. Paintball world - game presentation
2 . Awcom TV
3. Aw Home Radio Station
4. Audio menu

  August 2014
  Activeworlds version 6.1 : Pano screen shot


Activeworlds version 6.0 has been used for more than 2 years, and now version 6.1 has been introduced, which will be a further development of the succesful updates of version 6.0 , and is focused on improving media and sounds in the 3d environment. One new feature of version 6.1 is the possibility to take panorama pictures.

On the Toolbar of the Activeworlds window, you will find now the "Pano screen shot" -icon. When clicking upon the icon, the program will take 6 printscreen pictures around the avatar position : front - back - left - right - top and bottom. Then the program will start to process these 6 pictures into a panorama picture. And after ± 30 seconds , you will have your panorama-screenshot picture. Go to the Activeworlds program map , where you will find the submap "screenshot" , where you will see the 6 printscreens and the panorama picture. Now you can copy and paste this panorama picture into your personal maps.



  August 2014
  Wings3d modeling class in Beimini
Genevieve (#281719). will be hosting modeling classes for the next weeks in the world Beimini about modeling in Wings3d and using Gimp and Accutrans. The world Beimini will remain closed during those classes, those who want to participate at these classes will get access to the world. The classes will be supported by voice chat , by using Skype, where you will see live demos of how to make the models in Wings3d .And they will get the lessons by email too , with slides of the demos , images to help you make the models, excercises, etc ...
The classes will be sponsored by the AWSchool world team , and there will be set up a website with all the details of the lessons. When the classes will be finished, the world Beimini will be open for everyone . If you are still interested in modelling , but couldn't participate at the classes, then you can start learn to model with all the useful information that has been set up during those classes.
  July 2014
  AW Community meetings (july) issue)
06 July 2014 -@ Funbox world
1. Community Picture
2. CYAwards
3 . Russian Roulette - game presentation
20 July 2014 - @ Alphaworld landing zone (2000N 7000E)
1. Wings3d modeling classes
2. CyAwards results
3. AWSchool website

  June 2014
  CYAwards 2014

This year there are again CyAwards (= Community awards), which haven't been organized since 2010. First of all there is a new website. Let's take a look at it: : is a new voting system, in view of having more fairplay in the voting : everyone needs to register first : there 1 vote per citizen (check by the IP address) , and all nominations need to be viewed before you can vote.

Tabsheet Events : Nomations are open as from 1st of June and will close the 15th of June. The CyAwards voting starts on 22nd of June and ends on 6th of July. On saturday 5th of July at 16:00h VRT ,there will be the Nominations Ball, on friday 11th of July at 22:00 VRT there is the CySpiritsClub Party and finally the 12th of July at 22:00 VRT the will be the CyAwards Presentation, followed by the Winners Ball.

Tabsheet Categories : Here you have a description of each category. And choose the category that matches your realization.

Tabsheet Awards : Here you must register first as a participant of the CYAwards. After the registration, you need to log in each time on this page, here you will see the voting rules, and you can also add your own realization (from 1st till 15th of June) : choose the category (-ies) you want to be nominated for , in the menu at the left , and enter all necessary fields. The tabsheet Awards will also be used for the voting itself (starting on 22nd June).

Tabsheet Viewing . Here you can view the nominations which have been added.

Tabsheet Contact : Here you can edit or add elements to your nomination(s).

Tabsheet Winners : Here you can view the winners of the previous CYAwards, and in July the new winners will be added.

Read more on the AWForum :,362234

  June 2014
  AW Community meetings (june) (july issue)
1st June 2014 -@ AWReunion 270N 51E (Winding River Heights)
1 . CYAwards
2. AWschool LZ
3. AW World Magazine
4. AW Calendar with instant updates
15th June 2014 - @ CYAwards LZ
1. Activeworlds birthday weekend
2. Rwx viewer



  June 2014
  AW Calendar with instant updates

Smaug (#322639) has made a calendar webpage system with instant updates :: , and at the bottom of this webpage you can also "add/update your own event" to this calendar up to 3 months in advance.

The worlds AWReunion ,AWSchool and Alphaworld are using already this calendar in the landing zone of their world. You can use this calendar too in your own world :
You just need to use 3 or 4 picture-objects and type these commands containing the url-links of the calendar of the webpage of Dragonsmaug.: past - current - next month - future month (=2 months later)
create picture update=900 mip=on
create picture update=60 mip=on
create picture update=60 mip=on
create picture update=60 mip=on

The practical thing is, that the calendar changes the months without having to change the url. When the month has ended, the content of the current month is automatically replaced by the events of next month. So there is no need to remake the commands on the picture signs in your world, the calendar is updated automatically.


  May 2014
  AW Community meetings (may) (june issue)
4th May 2014 - @ Winter 300S 590E
1 . CYAwards
3. AW World Magazine
4. SWCity Interactive
5. Clamp command
6. Activeworlds installation folder
18th May 2014 - @ AWReunion 270N 51E (Winding River Heights)
1. AWReunion : Winding River Heights
2. AWMyths classes
3. New Game engine
5. Tip : CTRL + click

  April 2014
  AW World Magazine

A brand new information letter about Activeworlds has been released this month for the first time, and is called AW world magazine. The magazine is edited by Smaug (#322639). This means that we have quite some new Activeworlds info sites : the Yellow Gazette, the AWTimes ,, the Facebook groups , and now AW World Magazine.

You can view the magazine of april (there will be monthly issues) on the website of Calamé . The first magazine contains 18 pages, and you can skip to the next or previous pages like in a real magazine. You can also zoom in or zoom out, you can view the index , you can search for words inside the publication . If you can't find the magazine on the website , just type "activeworlds" on the search field. For those which are interested : everyone can make his own magazine or book on this site. Click upon this link to view the first edition of the AW World Magazine : :

You can also download the AW World Magazines on your computer. First you need to register with a free account, and then login in with this account . Then you can download on this webpage (via the search field) :

  April 2014
  AW Community meetings (april) (may issue)
6th April 2014 @ Kepler22b World,362092
1 . Keppler22b world
Keppler22b is a world owned by Dovestar (#278411) , who has created an information &learning/tutorial world , which is useful for Activeworlds citizens.
2. VOIP update
For this VOIP update , there is a world-server plugin voip.dll needed for all privately hosted worlds, this is available on the Activeworlds website for those hosting worlds.
3 . CYAwards
The CY Awards (=CommunitY awards) will return this year after 3 years of absence. The staff of the previous CYawards had left and their website was private and inacessible. Nursemom (#304857) and Maxpoly (#299422) have decided to remake the CYAwards. They have started with a new website and they have explained how they will organize the CyAwards in order to make it to success.
4. GateKeepers website
Nursemom (#304857) also announced the new GK website :
5. Streaming media
If you want to have streaming media in word sound settings, or in zones, then you need to add "noloop" in front of the http://url-link .
  March 2014
  AW Community meetings (march) (april issue)
2nd March 2014 -@ America 500N 500W (EBTS contest area)
1 . The EBTS 5 contest
2. Current Activities overview
16th March 2014 - @ America 500N 500W (EBTS contest area)
1 . The EBTS contest results
2. Activeworlds developments news

  March 2014 website

GSK(#348037) has started a new website called : . This website contains all kind of useful links for the Activeworlds Community. The purpose of the website is to promote builds, worlds and events. Everyone can add him/herself new items to this website : just post on the website your own build / world / website link or other attraction, just by going to the webpage .You can add your own pictures as well.

On you will find : builds of the EBTS with teleport links, attractions, games, building worlds, cities, sights to see, starbuilds, modelling websites, useful websites for aw, awg builds, info pages, building tutorials, and bots and utilities, ...etc.

This website is a good alternative for the websites and which have become unused and outdated (and are used only for archive purposes).

  February 2014
  Physics Club Arena


OzySeo(#368269) come with the idea of starting a Physics Club. The Physics Club has been set up to share ideas about building with the physics commands. OzySeo has got the support of several citizens, so this was an idea that could be realized . Ozman(#357777) and Apooka(#363660) have decided to make a building area for this purpose in the world Yellow 1755S 750E. There you will find 7x7cells-sized building lots, 48 building lots in total. This is not a building contest area, but the aim is that each builder shows examples and tests using the physics commands, it's all about exchanging ideas, sharing these ideas with others and learning new building skills. There are plans for teaching classes too.

  February 2014
  AW Community meetings (february)


2nd February 2014 -@ America 500N 500W (EBTS contest area)
1 . Nitecap - commemoration
2. Activeworlds : new servers
3 . The EBTS contest : extension
4. Who wants to be a millionnaire - 10 years game announcement
16th February 2014 - @ Venice-Venezia world
1 . Gravity Trivia - game presentation
2. - website presentation
3 . Physics Club Arena


  25th January 2014
  Gravity Trivia in Venice-Venezia world


The Gravity Trivia is one of the first games using the gravity command in Activeworlds. The game can be played with 42 players, and each player has a gameboard of 33 balls at his/her disposal. The questions will be easy and everyone will get scores , even if you have or a slow brain or slow fingers :). There are 4 games levels : easy - medium - hard and extreme, and 10 questions for each level. There is a winner for each game level. The first game will be organized on Saturday 25th January at 17:00 VRT in Venice-Venezia (after the Explorers Club event). The quiz is hosted by Panne (#365962), who has also made this game, but everyone is free to host a game in this world him/herself . The quiz will be in english. If successful ,there will also be Trivia games in french, dutch, german, etc.....

  January 2014
  AW Community meetings (january)
5th January 2014 @ America 500N 500W (EBTS contest area),361883
The EBTS contest
* The first Community Meeting was located @ America 500N 500W, where you will find this nice building in "Calatrava-style", and where the 5th Extreme Builders Talents Show just has started. Bach Zhaa(#360197) explained about the EBTS : everyone can choose a building lot of 64 cells (8x8) where you can make an extreme build during 6 weeks (v4 rights, zones, movers , but no terrain rights). At the end of the contest, some "chosen" judges which will assess every build on its creativity &imagination, on its building skills (technical), and also on its ability to entertain. The prizes will be donations from other citizens : at the moment these is a 20$ prize (via PayPal) .... . In the world Jetta (named after Jetta Lewis, the founder of America world) , you will find the huge objectpath of America.
* This Community Meeting was a huge succes with up to 50 users in the world , and there was a universe peak above 80 users, which we hasn't been reached since 2012.
19th January 2014 @ America 500N 500W (EBTS contest area),361908
1 . The EBTS contest
The Extreme Builders Talent Show is going on for 2 weeks now , and there are finally nice 3 prizes to be won for the 5th EBTS contest.
2. AWMyths
Stayit(#361372) told that the world AWMyths is back up : AW has an RPG game again, and got the help of 2 new caretakers : Rumplestiltkin(360544) and Neo Rousseau(363550).
3. SW City Interactive
TenYearsGone(378183) still runs the SWInteractive game organized in SWCity (in Alphaworld), there is also a website
On this website you will see databases with all (more than 1500) game members , by clicking on the database column titles you can sort the list differently and you can see the game is still actively played.
4. Tip : comparisons between commands.
there has been talked about differences between the "shear" and the "skew" command, and also between the "animate me" and the "timer" command.
  January 2014
  EBTS building contest in America world.

We wish everyone the best for 2014, and certainly also the best for the Activeworlds Community, and we are certain to accomplish this wish by starting the Extreme Builders Talent Show (EBTS). This is the 5th EBTS edition , and is organized in the world America , on location 500N 500W, where 48 building lots have been prepared for all participants , and we hope that we need to add a lot more building lots, because everyone is welcome. The building size of the lots is 64 cells ( 8x8 cells) and you have 6 weeks time to make your best creation. The building contest starts on 4th of January and ends on 15th of February. (the building contest has been extended until 01 march).

As to the prizes, in the former EBTS contests , there used to be free citizenship and world ownership as prizes for the best builders. Now, since citizenship has become free in june 2013, there will be other prizes : The prizes of this Building Contest will come from donations of other citizens in the AW Community and the prizes will be published at the start and also during the building contest. In any case, participating is better than winning, and all nice builds will be published in this AwTimes too :). All building contest information can be found in America in the area around location 500N 500W. Good luck !