NEWS 2016
  Nov.+Dec. 2016
  AW News (november + december)
* Winter Holiday Village 2016-2017
* Option SkipJack disabled for payments
* New Bowling game
* Star City Forest
* New game : Cross Words and Memory Puzzle

  October 2016
  AW News (october)
* Halloween 2016 building event
* Halloween costume contest
* Teleport carroussel
* Smooth avatar animations
* Tip : Skinmap tweak

  September 2016
  AW News (september)
* Quest game in multiple worlds : The Legend of Marcopolo
* Kenneth's Midi Instruments Yard
* : new website presentation
* New website :
* Tip: Restore blocked citizens
* Tip : Teleporting from an external website

Legend Of Marcopolo : castle in the world MyGreen
  August 2016
  AW News (august)
* AW Expo Renovations
* New project : Star City
* TAG Game in Star City
* Star City + Inspiron world : Book Readings Event
* Pokemon Game in Beta Version
* Announcements of Rick Noll (CEO of Activeworlds)
* Tip : AW resources for promoting your events.

  June+July 2016
  AW Community Meetings (june+july )

These are some of the items spoken about in the Community Meetings .

* AW Community Picture
* MyAW stops its services
* Community Meetings on other locations (than the AW landing zone)
* AWTeen : building issue has been solved and restored
* Riders of Alphaworld
* Zookeeper Game
* MysticZones and MysticStar

  May 2016
  AW Community Meetings (may)

The Community Meeting of 1st May had several news items with the return of Strike Rapier , who reactivated the AWPortals website, one of the main resources of Activeworlds. But these were also several other news items :

* 1 month after the Vinesauce Youtube video...
* Impact of the Vinesauce video on Activeworlds : what to conclude
* Huntbot returns to Activeworlds
* becomes a major resource again
* AWPortals introduces badges
* AWPortals Advertisement webpage
* MyAW : new updates and new guidelines for the PTZ
* Bot Classes in ReginaUP
* Game Expo expands - now with PTZ

  April 2016
  AW Community Meetings (april)

The Youtube video of Vinesauce had a huge impact on the number of visitors in Activeworlds. There were more than 235 clients (visitors+bots) in Activeworlds during the AW Community Meeting of 3rd of april, such a large number hasn't been reached since many years ! These were some of the new items that were talked about :

* Vinesauce Video : Activeworlds "rediscovered"
* Bingo game has resumed : now also with PTZ -prizes
* New AWSchool website :
* website
* Tartsugar opens the "Scentednectar"-yard
* Imaxi theater
* tip : Teleporting in the chat window

  31 March 2016
  Vinesauce Youtube video "populated" AW

Someone called Vinesause (Vinnie), made a Youtube video about Activeworlds. Vinnie is very popular on Youtube , and makes hundreds of online video streams about all kind of games. A lot of his videos have had more than 1 million views. The video that Vinnie had made about Activeworlds seemed to have been extraordinary, when in the second part of the video he had been contacted by a bot called Hitomi Fujiko, but Vinnie doubted if it was a bot or not all the time and at the end of the video he finally had the idea of getting stalked by an Activeworlds user pretending to be a bot. The video was very funny, with lots of reactions and more than 1 thousand new people logging in into Activeworlds.

  March 2016
  AW Community Meetings (march)

The Community Meetings are hosted by Bach Zhaa on the first and third sunday of each month, starting at 6PM VRT. These are some of the new topics :

* Combat world expands and starts with a new Paintball game
* tip : Using the Grab Frame Render Plugin
* tip : AW Hotkeys "Cheat Sheet"


  Jan.+Feb. 2016
  AW Community Meetings (jan.+feb.)

Twice a month, we have the succesful Communtiy Meetings, where Bach Zhaa talks about a wide range of topics. Everyone is welcome to follow the chat and to add new ideas or announce new events. These are the topics for this winter (new topicss will be added after every new community meeting) :

* Projects realized in AW and the community during 2015
* Winter Holiday Village IV
* The extreme builders Talent Show 7 ( EBTS 7) in Yellow
* The OMG awards
* tip : The "mapping mover"
* Modeling classes by Keshi

  January 2016
  Activeworlds 2015 Statistics Analysis

We have started with the third decade of Activewords, and we look back how the year 2015 has been for Activeworlds. For this we can use the website which has been developed by Tomas (#312020) .

When you look at the total number of users, you would think that there was a serious decline of users, but when analysing , this is not true. We would rather say that the activities in Activeworlds have remained stable and that 2016 will be a new challenge for us.