The bot program YASBB has been developed by Andras (#106479) and is used for making backup files of your world . YASBB is the abbreviaton for : Yet Another Survey Build Bot. Andras had offered the bot program on his website But since last year, the download pages have been deleted.
Fortunately you can still download the YASBB program file on the website of Karten :
It is an essential bot for all world owners in Activeworlds.
French version :
Version en fran├žais:
  Start using bots : what you need to know ...

If you want to start using bots , this is what you need to know first.

* In Activeworlds you need to pay credits for using a bot
* When starting up a bot , you need to type your citizen number and privilege passwd * sometimes you also need to type the port number of the universe
* You have to check the compatibility of the bot
* For a few bot programs, the world name length is maximum 8 characters.
* You can use your bot in someone else's world, if the world owner gives the permission for it. Then your citizen number is added in the world rights window.
* You can also use bots in public worlds (as long as AW gives the permission for that)
French version :
Version en fran├žais: