Announced events : in the AW Forum : you can find it in the Activeworlds program : press F9 , then choose tabsheet Notepad
All citizens have access to the Forum . Forum moderators are Chris (#290065) and MeL (#341444)
Announced events : Facebook group Activeworldsofficial :
Activeworldsofficial has 571 members in january 2023. Moderators are Rick Noll (#8 ) and MeL (#341444) and Gremot (#364307)
Date & VRT Time World / Location Content Hosts
April 16th - Sunday @ 7 PM VRT Alpahworld LZ Landing Zone contest Arsène
February 19th - Sunday @ 7PM VRT Alphaworld LZ Landing Zone contest Arsène
January 8th - Sunday @ 6PM VRT AWWelcome Community Meeting (all topics) Chris, MeL
Repeating & Permanent events :      
All day (new game each 1st day of the month) ToTheTop ToTheTop game FirstR, Wilma
All day (game startup since january 2nd) FutureRPG RPG game Jackson., vvSilvershadowvv
Wednesday at ± 7PM VRT Allusion Dance Party Heu, Tila Boccaccio
TGIF Friday Party at ± 11:30PM VRT Announced on Facebook Dance Party Dovestar
Saturday Social Party at ± 10PM VRT Announced on Facebook Dance Party Dovestar
Sunday Party Ithtellia Dance Party
Lady Fireheart
  Saturday dance parties in Shokan

Saturday party in the world Shokan (4th february)
  How to play the game FutureRPG
This RPG-game existed already in 2020-2021, but the world FutureRPG is back now with a new website , with game modifications and improvements.
The RPG game is based on improving skills , actually on 6 different levels: fishing, gem polishing, mining, quests , agriculture and combat.

Entrance to the city of Neua