AW News (jan. + feb.+ mar. 2022)
* AW Version 8.1
* AW version 8.1 has been started on 28th of december .
This version is planned to include additional 3d formats and modern shader-only render.
* HDR Lighting (High Dynamic Range)
HDR lighting has been added to the AW program in february 2022.
* The light range of light was previously between 0.0 and 1.0 , and there have been added additional light sources to the 3d scene ,and the brightness range goes now from 0.0 to 1000.0. This modification brings an improvement of the light quality in the 3d scenes.
* Before this, when you modified the brightness, you could often barely see a difference in brightness of the model.
* Now the brightness in the 3d scene can become too strong , this means that the texture on the model will become barely visible because of the brightness of the "sun". But there is a solution for that : you can add to the action command : create color tint lightgrey.
Before the introduction of HDR Lighting, there was almost no difference if you used the action command "create color tint lightgrey" or not, but now, there is a clear difference.
* When adding the "create texture lightgrey" to the command script, keep in mind that there is also the rotation of the sun in the 3d world, and that then, you might have to add "create color tint lightgrey" to other 3d models as well.
* If you want to reduce the light intensity, then world owners can go to the world settings, where you can modify "Shade Color (ambient)", and "Sun Light Color (directional)", and you can also modify "Position of Sun'. Apart from that, you can also modify 3d models with Notepad++, where you can add ambient and diffuse for the models.
More info can be found on the AW Forum :
Home > 3d Design > HDR Lighting
* Alphaworld Landing Zone Contest 2022
* On 3rd of April , Arsène (#152438) has hosted a Community Meeting for organising a new building contest for a new AW Landing Zone. On 6th of April, Arsène has published in the forum about the calendar , the game rules and the prizes that can be won.
The contest will officially start on 3rd of july and on 4th of decembre the new chosen building area will be revealed, and will be the new AW Landing Zone for 2023.
* You read more on the AW Forum > Events >
Alpha World Landing Zone Building Contest 2022 (First Step + Second Step)
Community Meeting on 3rd of April
* Briarkin has passed away
* On january 31st , we have lost another of our dear citizens : Briarkin has passed away. He was a regular visitor to Activeworlds and could often be seen at one of the many dance party events.
Briarkin in Dovestar's former world Keppler22b (in 2017)
* Website pen.sytes.net becomes : aw.softstar.se
* The citizen Tomas (#312020) has changed the name of his website.

* The website of Tomas is popular for finding ancient property that has been built in the public worlds of Alphaworld.

* Since march 28th , the property search can be done via the AW Forum :
AW Forum > Help & Support > Property Search (by Tomas)
* The website is also popular for bot programs. The bot jabb_lite is a very good bot, which you can use for object queries, for huds screens and for backups of 3d scenes. You can download jabb_lite on this website.
* The former website was also popular to find the list of all known citizens in AW, the names were sorted by citizen number , and the list was completed daily by using a bot in the AW Landing Zone, but since bots are not allowed anymore in Alphaworld , this database can't be completed anymore, and the list cannot be found anymore on the new website .If you want an overview of the known citizens, then from now on, you will have to make your own database .
* Link to the new website : http://aw.softstar.se
* News from the worlds
* Z-Galaxy in the spotlight
Media art pioneer Herbert W Franke (from Austria) has celebrated his 95th birthday, and he has been creating digital art from 1960s , before computers were widely introduced.
In 1979 he was co-founder of Ars Electronica, and in Activeworlds, he started the digital art world "Z-Galaxy". More can be read on the AW Forum :

AW Forum > 3D Design > Herbert W Franke - Z-Galaxy world.

* Quest Games in the world Nosferatu
World owner Vampyre (#381446) of Noferatu has started in february with game quests.
The central area of his world is a dance area and a corner with computer games from the 80s. The world has also a bot, which reacts to various commands, and which also runs the hud window, where you can teleport to one of the quest games that he has built.

In his small world, he manages to make up to 3 quest games. Every 3-4 weeks, the world is closed for a while. Then Vampyre builds a new quest game; that replaces the oldest quest game, This means that there are constantly new quest games , and you can come back to this world a few times each month :).

"Arcade Classics"
* New worlds
* Dongshouse
This world has been started in march and is owned by Joshua Son (#410202).
* VirtualSpace
This world has been started around 19th march and is owned by JJOJ (#446539)
* Zinc
This world has been started in march and is owned by JBlythe (#446571)
The world Dongshouse
* Dial
This world is similar to the world OrangeGS and they are art exhibition rooms. The world is owned by Activeworlds (AWLD #1)
* Numinous
This world has been started in march and is owned by Areena (#446538).
* FenrealRPG
This world is owned by Stayjit (#361372)
* JesusIsGodTV
This world has been started in march and is owned by SaintlyMic (#301782)
The world Numinous
* Mandala