Party in The Doves Nest Dance Park


Dovestar (#278411) hosts each weekend dance parties , each time on different locations. Since july 2019, Dovestar also hosts the TGIF-parties on fridays. Previously, the TGIF parties were hosted by MeL (#341444). She had hosted the TGIF-parties since 2013.
Now Dovestar hosts most of the parties during the weekends, and sometimes on weekdays as well. Dovestar owns also a radio station (RJB-Radio) and he can give to the parties a personal touch. On saturday 4th january, there was a party in The Dove's Nest Dance Park.....


The Dove's Nest Dance Park is located in Star City in Alphaworld on position 9234S 1485E. Star City is a project that Dovestar had started up in 2016. It is a huge terrain where a large number citizens have a terrain, forming together Star City. Besides the Dove's Nest ,there are still some other dance clubs in Star City. The Vortex Club is located on postion 9295S 1465E and the Star City LZ Dance Area can be found on position 9303s 1371E.
This party took place on saturday 4th january.
Some of the citizens @ the party : Seaguy, Chumana, Skaricheri, Old Chinese Man, Tabitha, Dovestar, Captain Klam, Luna20 , Mondo, Kahless, Good Person, Tiffany Lace, Keshi , Jade Gemz, Illumex, Artist , Panne , Zombiefan and RAD007.
Party on 25th april.
Dovestar hosts the TGIF parties and saturday parties each weekend. Occasionally, the party is located again in Dove's nest. This was the case on 25th april. As you can see, one dancer has a Covid-ring around him.
Some of the citizens @ the party : MeL , Newjundiaius, Krazy Kynko, Kahless, Cere, OzySeo, Tiffany Lace , Dovestar, McBanny, Stayjit , Panne, Rad007 , Jade Gemz , Desert Raven and Mondo.