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  Parties (Late Summer + Autumn 2020)
There are the weekly parties hosted by Dovestar (#278411), who owns several worlds and building areas . He also runs his own internet radio and can play music "on request'. Autumn have several occasions for parties : Harvest, Halloween, Thanksgiving,..

Party in the world Autonomous on 4th of september
  How to play the game ToTheTop
The game ToTheTop exists already more than 10 years in the AW-Europe universe, and now you can play the game in Activeworlds. The game is played with a gamebot, and the game is a kind of strategy game combined with a bit of luck, because the game is played with dices. The game have proven its success and it is fun to play. The game starts each first day of the month. On 1st september starts the first game !
French version
Version en francais:
  Parties (Summer Season 2020)
In june and july, citizens celebrated the 25th anniversary of Activeworlds. This year there wasn't any community picture, but there were a lot of parties instead, not always the same parties, but hosted on several ocations : the Warehouse 13 Club , the Expo Club, Club Dawes, the world Autonomous, the Pippinville birthday area, and Club Vampyre.

  Party-ing in Shokan
Dovestar (#278411) has started up the world Shokan in 2018 as a party world. The world has has different 3d scenes, and is regularly the location for the parties hosted on fridays and saturdays. In may, the whole whole has been rebuild with a new concept: it has also become a building world in which each builder has created a part of the beach.

  Parties in the Star City Dance Area
Dovestar (#278411) has started up Star City in 2016 , and there are 3 dance areas. The Star City dance area is located in Alphaworld on position 9300S 1374E.

  Daap : Opening reception "Intersculpt 2020"
Derrick W (#12732) owns the world Daap and on the 4th of June, it was the opening reception of the event Intersculpt 2020. This is the second event in a month of events to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Activeworlds.
The world Daap itself is almost as "old" as Activeworlds itself, and the world is dedicated to 3-dimensional digital art sculpting.

  Inauguration Party in Wolkenland
Panne (#365962) has organized the inuaguration party of this world Wolkenland on 1st of June. This event is the first event for the 25th anniversary of Activeworlds. Parties and events will be organized during the whole month of June.

Wolkenland is the dutch name for Cloudsland, so it was a dance party in the clouds.Besides dancing, visitors could also operate themselves the dance floor animations.

  Parties in The Doves Nest Dance Park


Dovestar (#278411) hosts each weekend dance parties , each time on different locations. Since july 2019, Dovestar also hosts the TGIF-parties on friday. Dovestar hosts his own radio station and can give to the parties a personal touch. On saturday 4th january, there was a party in The Dove's Nest Dance Park.....


The Doves Nest Dance Park