RWX scripting (Notepad++) (2) - examples
1. Create a sign object

In this case, we used a cube-shaped object ( a crate ), which has been converted to a sign object, showing the same text on all the 6 sides of the cube.

Create a folder for the new object : pan-cube1
Copy the file crate.zip from the uberpath and paste it to this new folder.
Now go to this new folder.
Right-click upon the file crate.zip and choose "unzip here"/"extract here"
You will see the file crate.rwx , now rename this file into pan-cube1.rwx
Right-click upon the file pan-cube1.rwx and choose "edit with Notepad++"
Now you will see the rwx script, and we go to the bottom of the rwx script, and we see 6 quad lines (for the 6 faces of the object), we add for each quad line : tag 100
Then save the object (the filename has created in advance).
For sign objects , you add : tag 100