RWX scripting (Notepad++) (2) - examples
4. Making a model non-solid
In this case, you add this line after line with "clumpbegin" :
collision off
In this example we are going to view the script of the model t_awhedge01.zip
We will not edit the file, this means that we won't need to rename the file first.
But we will copy the file to a folder and view it there, so that the objectpath remains intact.
We right-click upon the model and choose "unzip here" (or "extract here")
The file t_awhedge01.rwx appear on the line above.
Then right-click upon t_awhedge01.rwx and choose "edit with Notepad++"
Now you can see the rwx script.
As you can see the rwx-command "Collision off " is already added in the script !
The #! is optional , you can also type : Collision off
This means that,when the model is in the Activeworld program, that the object will automatically be solid off, there is no need to add the action command : "create solid off".
The command Collision off can also be used for instance for avatar objects.
Adding this option has the advantage that this reduces some calculation in the game engine.
Beginning of the rwx-script of the model t_awhedge01 , the total rwx-script has 886 lines.