RWX scripting (Notepad++) (2) - examples
3. Scaling an existing model
We use again the same model : pictwlk.rwx
We are going to make that picture-object 5 times bigger ,so that you can use it for a huge picture map in your world.
We copy the file pictwlk.zip from the objectpath (alphapath or uberpath) into a separate folder (folder name is e.g. pictwlkhuge) , and we go to this folder.
We right-click upon the pictwlk.zip file and choose : "unzip here"
The file pictwlk.rwx will appear on the line above the pictwlk.zip file
We rename the filename pictwlk.rwx into pictwlkhuge.rwx (before opening the file)
Now right-click upon file pictwlkhuge.rwx and choose : "edit with Notepad++"
The rwx script appears. After clumpbegin , we add :
scale 5 5 5
You need to type the values for the 3 axises (otherwise the command won't work)
We save this file , and we have already created the filename before opening the file.
And you see the the .rwx-extension has remained (so it is not a .txt -file)
At the same time, you will see that also a .bak file has been created, but we don't need this file. We continue with the file pictwlkhuge.rwx :
Right-click upon the file pictwlkhuge.rwx
Then choose 7-zip , and then : "Add to archive"
Now you will see the file pictwlkhuge.zip
And now you can upload this zipped file with an FTP program to your objectpath.
You can use the FTP program Filezille for that.
As you can see, the trigger "create" is not used here, because this is not a building command in Activeworlds, this is about rwx scripting, we are creating a new model outside the Activeworlds program.
Finally, when your new 3d-model is in your 3d world, then you can add the action command : create scale 5 . This means that you make the original model 25 times bigger (instead of 5 times bigger).