World hosting options
Since september 2019 , world owners can't host their own worlds anymore. From now on, they have to choose one of the Community Hosts.
You can find the list of Community Hosts on activeworlds.com/pricing.php
Each Community Host has a website, where you can view their offer and their prices.
Some Hosts offer extra services that may fulfill the world owners requirements. So, it is advisable to look first at what is offered in exchange for the hosting price.
You can buy webspace anywhere on the internet. This webspace can be used for your own object path , and in addition you can buy your own domain name and create a supportive website for your world. However, some Community Hosts also offer this service. In addition they offer back-ups of your objectpath.. Or they can create shared object paths for you.
Bot hosting
On the webpage of Activeworlds mentioned above, you can also buy a bot limit
However, some Community Hosts have the offer to put your bot(s) 24/7 online, for instance to show who had entered your world , or to create a game in your world that can be played day and night.
Some Community Hosts even offer scripted bot hosting.
World-Admin Tool
This is a very useful tool for world owners. World owners which hosted their own world could use this tool for backups of their world ( objects, attributes, terrain ). Althoug you can also use bot programs for backups, like Yasbb, Jabb_lite and Xelagot, the World Admin Tool still has other advantages which you don't have in the existing bot programs.
Even if you have the admintool or bot program for back-ups, some Community Hosts offer the service to make the backups for you, instead of having to do it yourself. So not only for your world, but also of you object path.
Modeling / Building Support
These services concern custom objects, custom terrains, instructional sessions
Owning a "building" world
Some world owners had a building world with a 'building inspector' -bot . This is not really a bot, but rather a utility. In this case, the world owner needs to use a registry file of all the objects that will be used in that world. Since world owners can't host themselves anymore, they depend on the Community Host for this. In this case the world owner sends the registry file to the Community Host, who puts it online for his/her world.
The big problem is now that, if a world owner wants to add a new object to his building world, the building inspector won't accept the new object, even if the world owner wants to build this new object in his/her own world. In this case the world owner will have to send a new registry file to the Community Host with the new objects in addition included.
If the world owner is also a modeler, then this problem may occur every day, because for each new model, the world owner wants to see first if the object loads correctly in the 3d scene or not. As a solution , the world owner can start up a second world, which has no object registry, and where the building inspector will not cause any problems for the world owner. Also because it is not obvious that the Community Host will have to re-install each day a new, updated registry file for that building world.