RWX scripting (Notepad++) (2) - examples
When we speak about RWX scripting, this is about modeling (creating models) and not about building commands in Activeworlds
On the webpages of 2019, you have an overview of all the RWX commands. You can also read how to open existing RWX files in Notepad++. The rwx scripting is too complicated to create entire models, but with Notepad++ , you can modify/edit existing models, without having to use a modeling program for it.
But in this article, you will see examples about how to "edit" models with Notepad++

  World Hosting
  World hosting options
Since september 2019 , world owners can't host their own worlds anymore. From now on, they have to choose one of the Community Hosts.
You can find the list of Community Hosts on
Each Community Hosts has a website, where you can view their offer and their prices.
Some Hosts offer extra services that may fulfill the world owners requirements. So, it is advisable to look first at what is offered in exchange for the hosting price.

  Particle Emitters
Particle Emitters can be used already for a long time, and they are a lot better than corona's, because corona's spoil the 3d scene, because they don't get smaller at a larger distance. And you can a lot more possibilities with Particle Emitters. Did you know that you can invert textures with PE's ?

Heart-PE's in the Alphaworld Landing Zone