Bot programs compatibility
With the upgrade of the Activeworlds program version 6.7 , there are compatibity problems with some 3rd party bot programs. Chris (#290065) has posted information about this in the AW forum
A simple solution is to replace the aw.dll-file in the bot programs folder.
In this article, you can read how to do it for the most popular bot programs:
Xelagot, Preston, Nestor, Yasbb , Jabb_Lite, Magsbot, Stachelbot,.....

  Using Voice Chat In Activeworlds
In February, there has been introduced (for testing ) a new VOIP codec, which means that VOIP has been re-written. The VOIP codec has been replaced by Opus-Codec. This is an advanced SILK codec, SILK is also used in the Skype program.
Voice Chat (VOIP) exists already for a long time in Activeworlds, and the use of VOIP became for free in 2013 (before you needed to pay for this function).
You can read how to use VOIP on this webpage:
In this article we will talk about this again, but we also talk about ohter features like VOIP in Moderated mode.