To be explored ....
The world Mouxi3D is owned by Desgros3d (#394224) . During 2018, he has build together with James. (#381405) a sinking ship. The world opened in january 2018. Both citizens know eachother already for several years in the AW-Europe universe, where they already had their passion for the Titanic and where they learned their building skills , and started to build large ships in the building worlds of that universe.
Now they have made in Mouxi3d a nice ship with advanced building methods , and they called this: sinking ship demo 1.0, in view of improving the 3d scene in a future version. The ship is not extremely large, but you arrive inside the boat in the engine room, where you have teleports. There is a cargo room ,a restaurant with kitchen,a patio, a piano bar, a reading room with grand staircase , the upper deck with deckchairs and the lower decks (bow and stern), there are cabins, and there is the nautical bridge.
When you go to the nautical bridge, there you can click upon a "sinking" button, which activates the sinking of the ship. The sinking goes quite quickly , and you will see that the entire ship starts to tilt. At a certain moment, the ship breaks into 2 pieces.
You can also fly in this world and explore the world under sea level , where you will find the ship on the seabed. You will also see seperate pieces, for which the gravity command has been used.
There have also been used light sources and sea currents, and above all , the sinking of the ship works globally : the other citizens which are also in this world, will view the boat sinking at the same time.
But this has been annouced as : demo 1.0 , further improvements are expected in future.
There are 2 websites which give you access to the Titanic worlds in the AW-Europe universe. First of all you can go to the website : Titanic3d.com and there you download the Activeworlds program of the AW-Europe universe. Or you go to the website of AW-Europe.com, and for the download, click there on: Go 3D.
Then you can enter there as a tourist (you can't register as a citizen at this moment), and you teleport there to the world Titanic. This first prototype has been launched in 2005.
There is also the world Titanic3D , which has been inaugurated in 2012, exactly 100 years after the Titanic's departure and disaster. At the same time the website has been renewed.
At the same time the website has been renewed. The previous website (for the Titanic world that opened in 2005) is still preserved : titanic3d.com/pages/acceuil_en.htm .