Yasbb : Making a partial back-up
We already learned how to start up and use Yasbb for making back-ups : how to save , delete and replace back-up files.
See AWTimes bots tutorial 2 Yasbb : venice3d.net/2015bots2.html
But you can also make partial backups of a part of your world . Or you can make a partial backup of your builds in a public world , where bots are allowed to be used.
Before you start making a partial back-up , it is better to make first a full back-up of your world , in order to prevent problems if things go wrong.
* Making the partial back-up
Then we start with the partial back-up :
Go to the tabsheet Survey and uncheck "WholeWorld"
Then determine the center of the area of which you want o make a back-up. In this example , we suppose that the center is at 10N 10W , we enter the values and we also select N and W.
Then we determine the covered area of which we want to make the backup. In this example , we want 9 cells to each side around the center. We need to enter the values in Dekameter (=10meters), which is equal to the distance of 1 cell. But you need to determine the surface , so you need to add up the distance of both sides, that makes in this example an area of 18 cells by 18 cells.
Finally click upon the button "Survey" , then you have to give a name to the back-up-file and the back-up starts , and you also determine the location on your computer, where the file needs to be saved. Then the back-up starts to run.
When finished , you reset the values of coordinates and the covered area back to 0 , and you check again "whole world" . Otherwise you will have problems with your next back-up.
Click upon the picture to enlarge.
* Move the partial back-up to another area
In this example we are going to move the partial back-up to the center of the world.
First we delete the content of the current world ( of which we already made a full back-up before) : go to the tabsheet "build" , and click upon the button "DeleteWorld".
Now we are going to put the partial back-up in the center of the world : We are already in the tabsheet "Build" , and we already know that the center of the back-up that we have made was on position 10N 10W. This means that we have to move the back-up 10 cells to the south and 10 cells to the east. And in the offset values, we enter twice the value 10 , and we select S and E. And we click upon the button "Build" , and we select the file of the partial back-up , and choose : open , and the back-up starts.
If you want to move your back-up to another world , then simply enter another world name (at the right side of the Yasbb program).
Once you have finished, you reset again the Offset Values again to 0 . Otherwise you will have problems with your next back-up.
Click upon the picture to enlarge.
* Move the partial back-up higher or lower
In the offset values, we also enter in this case the "Height Offset" . A value of 1 waill raise the builds of your back-up with 10 meters (=1 dekameter) (and not 1 meter). However, if you want to raise the objects of your back-up with only 2 meters, then you need to use the komma for decimals. In this example, this will be : ,2 .
If you don't want to put the backup at another level, then the value remains on 0. In any case you need to bring all offset values back to 0 , once you have finished you move.
* Rotate the build of your back-up file
In the offset values, then you must check "Rotate Before Build" . Then a new window will appear "Rotate Old Prop Around".. Here you can enter a value of rotation e.g. 90 180 or 270.
If all the offset values are on 0 , then all objects will move the build to the opposite quadrant of your world. For instance, if you build is located on 10N 10W , and if you choose 180 , then the new location of your build will be on 10S 10E and the objects will be rotated by 180 degrees.
If you add the values for "Rotate Old Prop Around" : -10S -10E , then the center of the back-up will be put in the center of the world.
If you add the values for "Rotate Old Prop Around" : -20S -20E , then the center of the back-up will be put on the same place as it was before, this is 10N 10W, but it will be rotated by 180 degrees.
* Delete by file
You also have the tabsheet "Delete by file", where you could use the partial backup-file and remove this part from your current build area, but this program does not work, nothing will happen..