July+August 2018
  AW News (july + august 2018)
* New AW Landing Zone in the making
In may/june there we 2 candidates with a concept for a new landing zone : Keshi and Stayjit+Stanly+Preston Garvey. Both concepts were good, and after voting, the concept of Stayit/Stanly got selected.
For the Uni-Entry's OP and CT management, GolderUK and Tomas will contribute towards the project.
The meeting in june about the 2 concepts...
* AW upgrades in version 6.4
* Chris (#268597) has modified (on june 4th) the way of displaying the clients in the tabsheets window (F9). If a user puts several bots online in the same world , then this will be considered as only 1 client.
This new rule solves the fact that some worlds were at the top of the visitors lists whereas nobody was really inside of it. This seems to be a more "honest" representation, except of course for those world onwers which had bought multiple bots in view of getting at the top of the worlds list. Now we will have the worlds on top again, where the people really are.
* There is now a direct link to the ActiveWiki pages , when you go to the Notepad-tabsheet of the tabs-window (F9).
* You can add now a certain world on top of the list regardless of client count and order. This can be done in the .ini-settings. By default, this will be the future Uni-entry world.
* AW preparations for version 6.5
* In the wiki-pages you can view the lastest version developments : for version 6.4 , you can download the new WorldServer and AWSDK-versions. All recent upgrades are features towards version 6.5, which is planned for september.
* The preview of AW 6.5 will be launched at the end of august. Main upgrade is the rendering, there will also be a picture filter. Updates for computers with windows vista and xp are no longer available and these computers will remain on AW 6.4. You can read more about this in the AW Forum. You can go the forum by pressing F9-key in the AW browser and then choose tabsheet notepad .
The new default of text and background for sign objects.
* AW upgrade issues
New default colors for sign objects
* On 27th of July , the upgrade changed the default colours of the sign objects : white letters with blue background has been changed into black letters with white background. First, we did not know if this has been an upgrade mistake, or if this will be permanently.
* Chris (#268597) has confirmed on 3rd august that there are new default colours for the sign objects : the former default of white letters with blue background has been changed into black letters with white background.
This causes a problem for thousands of sign objects that have become unreadable :
1) yellow text (without having specified the blue background) :
These signs have now yellow text and white background.
2) black or darkgrey background (without having specified the white text) :
The signs are now totally black...
All these signs will have to be retyped in order to be solved.
Pros and cons
* The main disavantage is that most of the people won't come back to modify the sign objects they have created : some people have even passed away or have been banned. This will make of Alphaworld a bit more of a junkyard, in addition to the many url-links that don't exist anymore.
* The advantage of the new default is that black text on white background is easier to read than white text on dark background. The scripts for those panels will become shorter, as you don't need to add the text color or background color in the command script.
* Another advantage is that this new default is already a new feature for the new AW version coming up in september.
* There is still the possibily that someone will write a bot script that can replace all signs with "black background only" by white background in the command scripts.
Other issues
* French characters ( é â è î ç ) don't display anymore like it should upon the sign objects, you will have to retype them all over on the sign objects, then the problem is solved.
* Another upgrade problem was that the presets wouldn't load for some users. For solving this problem, go to the AW folder and double-click upon the upgrade.exe -file. The program will be re-installed, and you will see that the CAV's, PE's , AWG files , cloths, movers etc. are fixed again.
* A tip : make a copy of your awg-files and CAV's and put them somewhere else on your computer, if you need to reinstall the program (by deleting the aw files) ,then you still have a copy of them , which you can move to the new AW folder.
Signs in the AWExpo Zone after the upgrade.
Fixed 1 day later...
* News from the worlds
Alextown :
* Alextown has finally opened, and this p20-sized world is owned by Tonycat (#316265). He is also the world owner of the world Alliance.
* New worlds :
Entrybuild :
This world will be the new AW landing zone. Stayjit (#361372) and Stanly (#299665) are busy with building up the scene every day, we wish them a lot of success.
ThePatch :
This p30-world is owned by Dearheart (#302667) , which is from Australia.
Inspiring :
This p20-sized world is owned by Rustystar(#412784) .
Fresh :
This p10-sized world is owned by Fresh (#431808) .
Mouxi1408 :
This p10-sized world is owned by Desgros3D (#394224)
Studio6 :
This p10-sized world is owned by Minimoi41400 (#430501) .
Boothill :
This world is owned by toto of gnome (#297555). It has a hottub, a lake, a castle, a party lounge and a school.