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  Echo Meadow Village
The Echo Meadow Village has been created by Apooka (#363660) ,and is located in Yellow world on position 151S 1695E, and it covers a large building area. The building has started from 2010 until 2013, afterwards some builds have been renewed , like for instance the Echo Meadow dance hall , where the annual Halloween Ball takes place.
When teleport to this place you will arrive in front of the Echo Meadow Village Hall . Inside this building you will find a room with teleports to the main attractions of Echo Meadow Village and other Halloween builds in Activeworlds.
Echo Meadow Village Hall at 151S 1695E
You can also enter this tower on the other side of the road.
In front of the "Hare Dare"-Maze, you got this mover stable.
150S 1732E

When you go to the west, you will cross the Old Echo Meadow Bridge, and you will arrive in Darkan Wood, which is a small dark forest. The river under the bridge goes on the north side between large rocky mountains , at the south side , the river enters into a huge cave network. Inside the cave you will find several ports where small boats arrive. You can click upon the boat movers and navigate from port to port. In order to have a splendid view inside the river caves , you will have to increase visibility up to 500 . (look for the .ini tweaks to increase visibility above 240 meters).

Witch close to the Old Echo Meadow Bridge
Old house in Darkan Wood
Rope bridge inside the caves
One of the ports alongside the river
Server controlled boat mover
1313 Mockingbird lane on position 160S 1718E
But when you go to the east, then you will explore the center of Echo Meadow Village.
In the village you have a few large buildings, first one is the Mansion on 1313 Mockingbird Lane. (160S 1718E)
The other building is a bit more the the southwest : the Lake View Terrace Sanitarium. Inside you will find some Halloween scenes in the library en in the basement. You can find the basement by going to the small courtyard in the middle of the Sanitarium (169S 1703E).
A smaller mansion is the Chambers Inn at 151S 1718E
Inside the Library of the sanitarium
Entrance to the Sanitarium 164S 1698E
A room in the basement of the sanitarium
Another room in the basement
A small part of the graveyard...
A bit more to the southeast, on position 155S 1752E you will find the graveyard of Echo Meadow Village, which is quite large , dark and foggy area. The main attraction of the graveyard is the Collins Family Crypts, which you can find by walking straight ahead.
One of the rooms inside the crypt
The bear's family crypt
The blood bank....
....and the blood bar.
The entrance , the building is at the end of the foggy lane
When you go from the graveyard to the north , then you will find the entrance to the Widows Hill Manor. (145S 1752E). When walking through the foggy lane, you will arrive at the large mansion, where almost every room has something scary inside.

In between the graveyard and the Widow Hill Manor, but more to the east you have the Party Area (152S 1767E), where you hear party music, and where Apooka and Ozman are having their annual Halloween Ball. In this area you have also the Witches Hat Bar.

Just to the north of the dance hall, you have the Games Area, with interactive games : Jack'O' Roll Races, the Kaleidoscope, the Monster Smash and cable lift seats. Besides this, you have The Haunted Carnival ( 128S 1781E) with dozens of attractions on a small building area. You have the bear bar, you can walk inside the cat's mouth and make a tour inside, you can make a rollercoaster ride upon he Rattler, but the main attraction is The Scary Door, you start with sitting in a seat mover, and you make a guided tour of scary scenes in grayish shades.

The Monster Smash - Katapult game for 2 playing teams.
The Kaleidoscope : interactive sounds game