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  Bald Mountain Castle
The Bald Mountain Castle is located in Alphaworld, has been built by Riff (#275011), Blue Green Gem (#307543) , The Observer (#289414) and Gaia (#151708). The castle has been created already in 1999 , and is located rather close to the initial AW landing zone, on position 181S 1091E.
Since then the castle scene has been updated yearly by Riff and Blue Green Gem. The objects themselves are all registered under the name of Gaia. In order to realize this, the privilege password of Gaia has been used.
The object choice for the sprite object trees , the alley towards the castle, and for he walls of the castle itself prove that is a older build. If you would build this today, you would choose more realistic textures. Once you have entered the castle, you will notice that everything inside the castle (pictures and sounds) has been updated very well .
Bald Mountain Castle - entry point: AW 181S 1091E
The room with the family pictures
Floating corpses & coffins , vessels with skulls & bones
Skeletons show you where to go
Ghosts at the dinner table
Look what they got in the kitchen
and this is what's being prepared...
Some are still alive inside those jars, and some are not
Ready for some experiments...
The shadow woman
and shadows are ghosts too
Beware of the evil witch
that's her baking oven
Scary but a very nice build !
A zombie funeral ? or resurrection ?
Yes the pendulum does what it has to do
....and the guillotine too !
Do you prefer the skull PE .... or the shadow ?
Greetings from the builders team !
You can also make a tour outside around the castle
There's a chapel , a cemetary, a crypt and a maze ..