Christmas Party in the Lavender Lodge
Enkar (#279023) has hosted a christmas party in his world Earwax, and on position 24S 24W 6A 120, you will find the Lavendar Lodge. The interior of the lodge has the typical log walls, the only things that refer to "lavender" are the colour of the signs and of the lavender-coloured floor of the lodge.
The lodge is quite large, with some additional rooms. There are 2 dance floors and 2 cocktail bars .There is also a cinema with some short christmas movies . at 2nd level , there is a restaurant and also 8 suite rooms, one of which has been decorated, .There is also a cinema with some short christmas movies .You will find several types of christmas decorations.
The lodge has a lot of unique and high-standard models (furniture, flowers).

Christmas neon decoration
Hydrangea flower
A Santa with a unique haircut..
Frosted Glass Lounge
The entrance to the Lavender Lodge
Alpine Diner Restaurant
Santa's Office
Kitchen area in the decorated suite room.
Christmas Cinema
Christmas Cinema
Christmas Cinema
The world Earwax is p50-sized world, which is quite large , and consists of equally divided building areas of 400 cells (20x20cells). This means 25 building areas in total , each with a different subject ( an aquarium , a baseball stadium, a building school , a halloween castle,... .) , Some citizens have their own building lot in this world, like e.g. RaD007 (#397704), Lensman (#302479) , JessieK (#404681), Rocketboy (#431579) and John Dough (#313735).
Earwax has a seperate world for the object yard : EarwaxOY .