Balloon Fiesta 2018
In the world AWReunion, MaxPoly (#299422) has prepared the building lots and information panels for the second edition of Balloon Fiesta , after the success of last year..
The Balloon Fiesta event consists of a mover building contest, and you can choose between 3 categories : standard, custom or AWPunk, 1 entry per class is allowed.
The Balloon Fiesta is more than a building contest : there is a fly & landing course challenge (competition) and also a Balloon Fiesta Regatta (on 11th of november from 8pm VRT till 12pm VRT.)
The event (& contest) will take place from 27th october until 17th november.

Poster of Balloon Fiesta 2018 from 27th october till 17th november
AW Community meeting on 21st of october
The Ballon Fiesta is located in the same area as last year , called the "Ballon Fiesta Park".

On position 155S 35E, you have the entrance point of the Balloon Fiesta Park. At the same time this is the dance area with dance movers , and also the reunion point for some Community Meetings and TGIF parties.

You can find information on position 151S 41E , about mover tips, and the objects and textures that you can use.
The building area for 2018 is in the north, just beside the area 2017.
This nice burrito stall can be found on postion 149S 46E
On position 149S 46E, there has been built a nice burrito stall, And you will also find here a flag, which is in fact the Balloon Fiesta poster. When you right-click you will see that this a Cloth object ("C"). At the same time, you will see a large number of Particle Emitters ("P"), containing a whole range of png-textures. These are in fact all the hundreds of balloons that you see floating in the sky, and they were not there in the 2017 balloon fiesta edition. But in fact they are only images, only the ballloon movers at the ground are 3-dimensional.
From here you walk to the north. On position 140S 45E, you can find the 2018 information center with the teleport overview of the building spots of 2018.
Here the Balloon Fiesta Poster has been used as a flag .
Teleport overview
All these balloons are particle emitters, except for the blimp (zeppelin).
The Balloon Fiesta event be more impressive because there are already 400 balloons in the air !! Particle emitters are a bit the same as the sprite objects: the images turn towards your avatar, you don't see the back side of them. With particle emitters, you can make them move around, and you will also notice that they fade in and fade away again.

Every hour, you will see something special happening: the Balloon Fiesta mass ascension : all particle emitter balloons are suddenly huge and start rising from the ground level into the sky at the same time. Try to be there 2 to 3 minutes before a new hour starts !!!

The Balloon Fiesta Mass Ascension
Here some pictures of the participants of the second Balloon Fiesta event .
Bach Zhaa made a triple-balloon
Panne created a balloon woman
Other citizens like Mel , Chris the Pegasus and Kenneth gave a personal touch to their creation.