Halloween 2018
This year we had again several Halloween events
In Alphaworld, there was again the annual Halloween building event , which is located this year on position 9127N 19088E, and participanets had to contact Mel (#341444) a building lot. She also hosted this whole event, which started on 17th september and ended on 31st october.
The contest had less participants this year, because Mel was alone this year for giving the building lots to the participants, but in spite of that , there still were some nice builds.
Mel herself has made a nice a nice dance area , in addition to the halloween teleports zone.
BusyLion (#304932) has built a cobweb house. Stayjit (#361372) created a clowns garden with eyeballs. Johny Kickass (#423865) made a huge dungeon rock, when entering, you will see giant skulls and you will arrive in the chapel at the top.
Enkii (#363787) has built a mansion with exotic garden. And Iao Moonshadow (#358444) has made a small game : when clicking the books, you can enter the games where you have different game challenges.


We also had several Halloween parties . There was a Halloween pre-party in the world Shokan on 24th october, this was also the inauguration party for the new world of Dovestar (#278411), and this world was formerly known as Pandemonium..

On 31st october we had the annual Halloween Ball in the world Yellow, hosted by Apooka (#363660) , Ozman (#357777) and Veger (#280835). This party was a bit disappointing this year, as during the mid-week there were few people online , and in addition to that some people went to the world Shokan , where there was a party as well. In the future, we should avoid that the few parties that we have, overlap eachother.

The party hosted on 3rd november in Star City had more success, but there were a lot more people online that day.
Pictures from the Halloween ball in Yellow
Halloween party in Shokan.
Pre-party (opening party) in Shokan on 24th october
Party in Dove's Nest (Star City) on 3rd november.
Another Halloween event was the Scary Places Tour. This consists of visiting 4 scary places in group, and the event was hosted by Bach Zhaa (#360197) and it replaced the Halloween parade which took place during the former years. .Unfortunately, there were not enough visitors, so the event had been cancelled. But in spite of that you can still explore those places on your own (...if you dare :) ).
The Post Industrial Ghost Story has been created this year by TenYearsGone (#378183) in his building area "Happy Valley" . Entry point is 1583S 3221E in Alphaworld, and by clicking up the avatars, you know that you need to enter the square building , go down with the elevatar, then walk through the door and you will arrive in network of rooms , where poisonous liquids are stored....
By exploring the area, you build up a story for yourself. The whole storyline has been published in the AW Forum (under Building) : "A post Industrial Ghost Story".
A post industrial ghost story.

The Spooky Links Asylum is created by Earthcritter (#318816) and has been created in 2004 , updated in 2007 and also this year new things have been added. The area is located in Alphaworld on position 24942N 4076W.

Inside the building ,you will find several rooms with teleports to several nice Halloween builds. Besides that, you will find some scary pictures and scary messages.
But most important is are the teleports with the names of their creators.
Entrance to the Spooky Links Asylum
Mystery Mansion by Darkmatter (#342319)
Giant skeleton
The Bald Mountain Castle ,also in Alphaworld, on position 181S 1091E, has been built by Riff (#275011), Blue Green Gem (#307543) , The Observer (#289414) and Gaia (#151708) has a lot of nice building scenes. There has been created a seperate "explore" webpage for this :
Bald Mountain Castle
The Echo Meadow Village has been created by Apooka (#363660) ,and is located in Yellow world on position 151S 1695E, and it covers a large building area. There are several quality builds, and also for these, there has been made a seperate explore page :
Echo Meadow Village Hall