february - march 2018
  Extreme Builders Talent Show 9
*EBTS 9 - Building contest "Mars in Alphaworld"
There is again the annual EBTS building contest (= the Extreme Builders Talent Show). The EBTS 9 has been announced for being hosted in the world Mars. But finally Mars appeared to be in ....Alphaworld. The EBTS landing zone with the building instructions and useful tools, is located in Alphaworld on position AW 7520S 252E 0a 90
The reason why Mars has finally not been chosen is not because Mars has a weird object path, but mostly because you cannot use any V4-objects in Mars today. (movers, zones, particle emitters,...). And the V4-rights for this world cannot be changed.
Bach Zhaa (#360197) , who hosts the contest, came up with the great idea .....to bring Mars to Alphaworld. The theme for this contest is : "It's on Mars", you can use the space or underground caves or buildings if you want, everything is builder's choice. But everything has to look like as if you were on Mars.
The building lots are huge : 16 x 16 cells, which enough space between the lots to avoid affecting lag to your neighbours.
The contest starts on sunday February 3rd and ends on sunday March 31st , this means 8 weeks of building time.
There are 30 participants this year . Pictures of the best builds will be published here after the contest ....

Winners :
Winner of the EBTS 9 is Enkii (#363787) : he made a space station with multiple buildings, inside are we teleports which brings you to a space vessel , this vessel is flying at full speed (passing along the stars)
Second prize went to Stayjit (#361372) : he made a 3d scene representing some kind of combat between aliens. There is a large space vessel looking like a grasshopper, but there are lots of smaller ufo's spinning around too. The vegetation consists of giant mushrooms, and the grey aliens are killing the green aliens, which have to hide inside the rocks.
Third prize went to Gremot (#364307) ; in his mars-scene; you need to click upon certain objects, which cause different animations.
Enkii - Space station
Enkii - Inside the space vessel
Stayjit - Space vessel looking like a giant insect
Some of the honorable mentions :
GoodPerson (#340110) : his space station was composed of differnt dome-shaped buildings and space vessel and missile platforms. All buildings are connected underground with eachother with a network of compartments, seperated by sliding doors . You will find a bunker, a laboratory, a missile silo, a dance club, a mars mobile , a flying saucer ,etc.
Also The King David(#381600) has made a space station inside a rock formation. Outside you will find a mars mobile cutting out rocks for the minerals lab. Inside the space station , there is also an oxygen extraction room , a restaurant , a sleeping room , and a ufo station.
Also Stanly (#299665) made a space station above ground (upon poles) with a network of corridors. There are individual sleeping huts, bathrooms, storage rooms, there is a restaurant, a break room , a communications center with sattelite. In the neighbourhoud there are also some buildings from an ancient alien civilization.
GoodPerson - Inside the laboratory
The King David - Mars mobile
Stanly - Space station in the background
DearHeart (#340110) has built a Terraforming Test Station. Inside the dome, you will find a laboratory for the cultivation of new alien plants.
Panne(#365962) has made a ufo landing platform. You can fly with them, because they are movers , and they all have beamers. You can beam up other citizens inside the ufo , but some ufo's have othter beamer functions : a beamer that blocks the view, a beamer that warps you away, and one that teleports you away.
The space station of Tart Sugar (#331363) made consists of a space station,looking like a power station from a foreign civilization, using ancient egyption symbols.
Ms T (#350468) created an alien factory , when entering the metal dome, you will arrive at an robotised factory, where humans are processed into alien food. Enter at own risk, because the warehouse is supervised by eye-robots.
OklahomaTraveler (#391054) made a 3d-scene with all kind of space vessels, but which are in fact just particle emitters from the mars -objectpath. Inside the building in the corner, there is a game "Mars Attacks", where you need to use the canon to destroy the aliens.
DearHeart - Alien plants
Panne - Ufo landing platform
Tart Sugar - Power station and space vessel
Ms T - Entrance to the alien warehouse