december 2017 - january 2018
  Winter Holiday Village VI
* Winter Holiday Village VI : Holiday Mountain

Once again we converge on Winter World’s Snowy Mountains for the 6th Annual Holiday Village Contest & Building Events. Starting Friday December 1st at 12:01AM VRT till Tuesday January 2nd, 2018 at 8:00AM VRT. Location : the world Winter, position 595N 1975E (=same location as last year). This years fun theme is created for the Mountaineer in all of us. Designing, Building Warm Welcome Holiday Homes and Shops in the Hills of Snowy Wonderland.

Building resources can be found on the hud screen buttons in the world Winter: "old object yard" and "new object yard". You can also type specific commands in the chat window too : If you want to return to your building spot, then type "done". If you type "texture index", then you will see the webpage with all the textures of the objectpath of the world Winter.

Returning this year is the 'Citizen's View~N~Vote' System as part of the lot teleport setup. The participants of this contest are indicated with black panels, the other building lots are indicated in grey. You need to teleport and view all participants before you can start to vote. Simply an easy go see and look at each build, then vote after all viewed method, with an easy 'Click~N~Pick' for your favorite choice. Citizen Voting opens Tuesday January 2nd, 12:01PM Noon VRT through Saturday January 7th 6:00AM VRT, for all to 'View~N~Vote'. Gifts and Prizes for all our fun builders. Winners will be anounced at the Sunday Jan 7th, during the Community Meeting in Winter Wonderland. The winners also get terrain rights in the world winter. Entertainments will be scheduled all thoughout the month with Games, Parties, TGIF and Weekly Dancing at the Community Village Lake and GameLots.

The frist prize went to MsT (#350468) , who had built a small christmas shopping village, with an attraction in each shopping window. Second prize went to Stayjit (#361672) , who has built a christmas factory. Third (shared) prize went to Wolfangel (#405915) and Avatarredbackpack456 (#428655), which are both new to Activeworlds and learned using the AW objects and commands pretty well.