january 2018
  New Year's Party
Fubar'd New Years Bash with DJ Nutt

The New Year's Party was hosted in the world Nutshell. The music for the dance event was chosen by DJ's Nutt (#361395) and Dovestar (#361395) , and was supported by Loco Radio . The bar was located in the center of the dance area , and on the walls we had a world map with the different times zones, and with clocks showing which time it is in each part of the world.

Here you can view some of the people celebrating New Year in Activeworlds....

People at the New Year's Party : TenYearsGone, Chumana, DearHeart, Good Person, ZombieFan, Niteshade, KittenWithClaws, Grell Sutcliffe, Mondo , Panne, Greymane, Celery, Zarolene, Locodarwin, ZYah, Earendil37 , Ricebowler, Shammoo , Nutt, Old Chinese Man, Professor Vegas, Albertagold, Tiffany Lace, Uncle Wolfie, Lady Sumner, Lady Dragon, Briarkin, Jade Gemz, Tabitha, Toxor, OzySeo, Chalcedony Mao, Straker, Illumex , Aleya , and Jaisp.