december 2018
  Christmas Party in the Lavender Lodge
Enkar (#279023) has hosted a christmas party in his world Earwax, and on position 24S 24W 6A 120, you will find the Lavendar Lodge. The interior of the lodge has the typical log walls, the only things that refer to "lavender" are the colour of the signs and of the lavender-coloured floor of the lodge. Inside you will find lost of christmas decorations as well...

  november 2018
  Balloon Fiesta 2018
In the world AWReunion, MaxPoly (#299422) has prepared the building lots and information panels for the second edition of Balloon Fiesta , after the success of last year..
The Balloon Fiesta event consists of a mover building contest, and you can choose between 3 categories : standard, custom or AWPunk, 1 entry per class is allowed.
The Balloon Fiesta is more than a building contest : there is a fly & landing course challenge (competition) and also a Balloon Fiesta Regatta.
The event (& contest) will take place from 27th october until 17th november.

  october 2018
  Halloween 2018
This year we had again several Halloween events :
In Alphaworld, there was again the Halloween building event , which was hosted this year by Mel (#341444) . On Halloween night itself , Apooka (#363660) hosted the annual Halloween Ball in Yellow world. TenYearsGone (#378183) created the "Post Industrial Ghost Story". Finally there was also the Spooky Places Tour, the tour itself has been cancelled, but AWTimes did make the tour for you ....

  22nd june 2018
  Activeworlds 23rd Anniversary Party
There is no community picture this year, due to the fact Bach Zhaa (#360197) has been banned from Activeworlds. He was each year in charge of the realisation of these pictures.
In spite of this sad news, there were still some people prepared to have the annual AW Anniversary Party, which has been hosted in the world AW911 on 22nd June. ( The AW birthday is 28th june).

  feburary - march 2018
  Extreme Builders Talent Show 9
* E.B.T.S. 9 : Mars in Alphaworld
This year we have the 9th edition of EBTS contest, which was planned to be in the world Mars. But as the use or V4-objects is disabled in the world Mars, Bach Zhaa (#360197) , who hosts the contest, came up with the great idea to bring Mars to Alphaworld.You can find the Mars area in Alphaworld on position AW 7520S 252E 0a 90
The contest starts on sunday February 3rd and ends on sunday March 31st , this means 8 weeks of building time.

  december 2017 - january 2018
  Winter Holiday Village VI
* Winter Holiday Village VI : Holiday Mountain

Once again we converge on Winter World’s Snowy Mountains for the 6th Annual Holiday Village Contest & Building Events. Starting Friday December 1st at 12:01AM VRT till Tuesday January 2nd, 2018 at 8:00AM VRT. Location : the world Winter, position 595N 1975E (=same location as last year). The winners of the building contest are announced on January 7th during the Community Meeting.

  january 2018
  New Year's Party
Fubar'd New Years Bash with DJ Nutt

The New Year's Party was hosted in the world Nutshell. The music for the dance event was chosen by DJ's Nutt (#361395) and Dovestar (#361395) , and was supported by Loco Radio . The bar was located in the center of the dance area , and on the walls we had a world map with the different times zones, and with clocks showing which time it is in each part of the world.