World overview 2017 (update)
New worlds come online and other worlds are discontinued and disappear.
There has been already made an overview of the accessible worlds of 2016 (=all the worlds that not closed (=don't have a grey symbol ) )
Now here you will find an updated list of worlds in 2017 , but only for the new worlds and for the worlds that have stopped.
We also mention the new worlds that are still closed when they start appearing in the worlds list , because those worlds open only when the whole 3d scene has been built..

  AW Facebook : who is who ?
A lot of members of AW Facebook use another name than the name they are using in Activeworlds. That's because Facebook requires an account with your real name. Some "unknown" names on Facebook are in fact well-known citizens in Activeworlds.
There are some alternatives for AW Facebook, (for posting messages, ideas and events). You have AWPortals, and you have the AWCommunity Meeting, and there is still the (unpopular) AWForum . Maxpoly made a social network site for AW users only, called , but this site is under maintenance.

But let's look now which name on Facebook refers to which citizen ....

  AW Links 2017
A lot of websites are related to Activeworlds and have useful information for the Activeworlds users. You can go back for that to the AWTimes webpages of 2015.
Unfortunately, several of the webpages have stopped their services. However, also new websites have been started up and others have been updated.
This article will show an updated list for 2017, now per category. For more info,you can still view the webpages of 2015. (articles 10 and 11)