november 2017
  Hot Air Balloon Festival


Hot Air Balloon Contest
The Hot Air Balloon building contest was hosted by Genevieve, Maxpoly and Bach Zhaa, in the world AWReunion on position 153s 37E. The contest did run from November 11th till 19th. The contest was about making a mover balloon, located upon 1 building cell. Participants could contact one of world caretakers for a build spot
There were 2 contest categories, standard and custom, ,in which the first and second place winners of each category will be awarded cash prizes. First place $50(US), second place $25(US) in Paypal transfer or AW credits.
The winners were announced after during the community meeting of 19th november.Lift off for a tour with all the balloons followed after the meeting.
This contest is for all to enjoy and socialize , and there was music hosted by RJB radio and Virlands.
Lot number   11 Good Person  
1 Panne   12 Tree Saw  
2 Toxor   13 The Myth  
3 Thorus   14 Vampire Queen1  
4 Wolfangel   15 Good Person 2nd prize standard
5 Kenneth   16 Memyself 1st prize custom
6 Wolfangel   17 Seduction  
7 Kenneth   18 Old Chinese Man  
8 Class 3 1st prize standard 19 Zyah  
9 Stayjit 2nd prize custom 23 Tila Boccaccio  
10 The King David   25 Zombiefan  
Custom creation of Stayit : One of the prize winners...

Balloons in the shape of an ice cream or a panda bear.

Also the community meeting was hosted here.
Hot Air Balloon Tour
After the meeting, it was time for a balloon tour...