november 2017
  Scavenger Hunt and Pool Party
Zelda Scavenger Hunt
After the African Festival in july, this is the second nice event that has been hosted by Ms T (#350468) . The Scavenger Hunt was also hosted in the world Yellow ,on position 775S 1675E , close to the African Party area.
It was a small hunt game , in a limited area, where the participants needed to search for only 4 objects. Ms T did use png-objects based on the game "The Legend of Zelda" and did hide them into a small forest. Also other objects were displayed in the area, which were a little bit to mislead the gamers.
Some hunt objects could be found only after clicking upon another object, because they were hidden inside (e.g. in a gold coffin). But after all the 4 objects were found quite quickly.
The game was played without a bot : when the players found an object, they had to telegram the url-link of the png-object to MsT. The player who found first the 4 objects was the winner.
The players had to look for those 4 objects.
This carnivorous flower is quite impressive, but was not a hunt object.
One of the objects was inside this cold coffin.
The diamond-shaped objects made a nice sound, but nothing more
This character holds a sword, but not the hunt object.
When you had found a hunt object, you had to telegram the url link of the hunt object to Ms T, like this one : https://i.imgur.com/zBML4EC.png
Pool Party
When the game was over, the event continued with a Pool Party, and was located in front of the Scavenger Hunt terrain.
For this event , the citizens could select their beach costume avatar. The swimming pool has changing rooms, and there is a juice bar as well.
People party-ing at the pool : Old Chinese Man , OzySeo, Dovestar, AlbertaGold, Tila Bocaccio, Locodarwin, Vampire Queen1, Professor Vegas, KittenWithClaws, Krazy Kynko, Bach Zhaa, MeL, Wolfangel , Good Person, Ms T , and Panne.