october 2017
  Halloween Events

.Halloween is a period of various events in Activeworlds.

Halloween Pumpkin Hunt
The Halloween Pumpkin Hunt was hosted in the Alphaworld Landing Zone, and it was the third hunt this year after the Easter Egg Hunt in april and the Firecracker hunt in june.
The Pumpkin Hunt was hosted from 14th till 31st october. And it appeared to be again an "unconventional" hunt ( with the Easter Hunt, there were snapshot eggs outside the hunting zone of 20cells around the Huntbot ). The unusual facts this time were that the some pumpkins were hidden inside walls, the game host told that they were put there by mistake, but there were at least 2 pumpkins hidden like that by mistake.
Another unconventional thing, was that some pumpkins were also hidden into treetops. Also a lot of pumpkins were hidden under branches and leaves, the only way to be able to click them was to change your avatar into the "birde" avatar and use the shift key and walk through the leaves in order to reach them.
By pressing the CRTL-key in building mode, you could see a pumpkin hidden inside a wall
2 pumpkins hidden in tree-tops.
The winners of the 3 hunt games this year in the AW landing zone.
Halloween Party in Pandemonium
This Halloween party was hosted on 14th october, the world Pandemonium is a new world owned by Dovestar (#278411) and the world was "ready" for Halloween.
The dance area is located in some kind of medieval fort, there is a seperate room with weapons, guarded by monsters.There is a blood-skull fountain in the center of the dancefloor.
There dancefloor is covered with skull-PE's and there were bats and ghosts flying around.
Halloween Building Event

The Halloween Building Event was located on position 313S 103E. This was just a building event, not a contest, but in spite of that here were more than 30 participants with a building lot. AWReunion has a large object path , in addition to the standard object path, you could use a wide range of objects displayed in the world Woodyard. The build area was also located close to the halloween building areas of previous years, this was also a way of finding ideas and objects for your build.

The most impressive build was made by Apooka (#363660) , who made a pumpkin garden as well as as pumpkin factory.
The King David (#381600) made a Scavenger Hunt on his building lot, once you are able to enter into the castle, then you will find there several new game challenges
Halloween TGIF parties

The Halloween TGIF party area was also located in AWReunion in the middle of the bulding lots of the Halloween building area. The TGIF parties are still hosted weekly by MeL (#341444) and often hosted in different worlds and locations.

The area consisted of a graveyard with tombstones about several AW citizens.Around the dance area you could find dancing skeletons, spiderwebs, a scarecrow, monsters, pumpkins ,... During the TGIF party, there was also the tradional Acronym Game.
Some people at this party : Mel , Tabitha, Professor Vegas , Wolfangel, KittenWithClaws, Panne, Good Person, Stayjit , Zombiefan , Bach Zhaa, OklahomaTraveler ,Darkmatter, ...
Halloween Ball in Yellow world
Finally there is also the traditional Halloween Ball, hosted by Ozman (#357777) and Apooka (#363660) , which are hosting this succesful party each year
This year the dance area hasn't changed that much, also taking into account that Apooka has built a gorgeous 3d scene in the AWReunion Halloween Building Event. But the angels of last year have been replaced by bats , and the textures of the columns,walls and ceiling have been changed as well.
Some people at this party : Ozyseo, Dovestar, TenYearsGone, GoodPerson, MsT , Old Chinese Man, Genevieve, Nutt , Beauty, Panne, Ozman , Apooka , MeL , Briarkin, Veger, Kahless, Bach Zhaa, Professor Vegas, Thorus, ShadowTwinMaples, Jade Gemz, ...