august 2017
  Hump Day Party

Locodarwin (#318855) and Nutt (#361395) have hosted the Hump Day Party in the world Nutshell on position 7n 10w. The party was hosted on wednesday 16th august.In spite of the fact that the party is a mid-week event, the party was a big success. The world Nutshell has been started in june, but there has been created a nice 3d scene for this event.

During the parties, you can dance and listen to "Loco Radio", Besides the radio station, both Nutt and Locodarwin also operate a table with light effects /videos / animations .

Locodarwin and Nutt are planning to host the Hump Day Party weekly on wednesdays, and also in other worlds. (1st hump day party was hosted on 9th august in the world Simulator ). The Hump Day event will consist of musical and visual explorations : live DJ music, shoutouts (spoken comments via microphone), AW news, music videos, movies, music request, music quiz games , etc.

In a separate area in the world Nutshell , there was also new Family Feud game, hosted by Millionairefan1.
These were some of the people at this event (and on the pictures) :
Nutt, Locodarwin , Mel , Genevieve , Zombiefan , Bach Zhaa, Good Person, MillionaireFan1 , Chumana, Chaura o , Iao Moonshadow, Kahless, Jaisp , Darkmatter; Shihtzu , Toxor, Briarkin, Ms T , Oklahomatraveler, Panne and Tomilius.