july 2017
  African Festival
This is one of the many parties in Activeworlds and AWTimes likes to show the wide variety of parties , and it's not always hosted by the same persons , everyone can be the host or creator of the party.

The African Festival has been hosted by Ms T (#350468) in the world Yellow on position 739S 1677E on saturday 29th july . She had built a small african village with a few typical round huts, with exotic plants and trees , creating a forest around the village and in the center , there was the dance area.

The dance area itself had some elements that created an african atmosphere : there was the map of Africa, there were percussion players, there were walls and carpets with panter cloth, and there was a wall picture with african dancers, and there was a tiki-style bar. But the main aspect was the soul music played during the party.
These are some recommendation for a succesful party:
* Make an exclusive 3d scene, with objects and colours that attract the visitors. Try to make the event different from what you expect to see in parties.
* Try to add a game , if you don't have a game by yourself, try to get the support of another citizen to host a game.
* Make a poster about the event : show clearly about "when" and "where" and choose a good name of your party, just saying "what" there will be done.
* Choose color and a nice font style, and if possible, add a picture or a sketch image, this says more than a thousand words.
* Post the event (with poster) on AWPortals and on Facebook with extra information. For AWPortals the poster should be square (256x256 / 512x512 pixels).
* Try to get the poster in the AW Landing zone , and try to announce the event during the community meeting.
* Try to announce the event at least 1 week before it starts, so that everyone knows that there is an event.
These were some of the people at this party (and on the pictures) :
Ms T, MeL , Fennecus Animalia, Good Person, Bach Zhaa, Mathispayne, Illumex, Mondo, Skaricheri, Krazy Kynko , Kenneth, Nutt, Maxpoly, Genevieve, MillionaireFan1 , Old Chinese Man, Bukka , Desgros3d , Darkmatter, Toxor, ProfessorVegas, OzySeo , RangerRick, Kahless and Panne.