july 2017
  Family Feud
Family Feud is a popular TV quiz program, and MillionaireFan1 (#410682) already had announced this new game a long time ago ,but finally it's there.

The game is located in the world Delight ,and the first game was hosted on sunday 9th of july

Just like for "Who wants to be a Millionaire" game , Millionairefan looked for every detail of the 3dscene to make the scene as realistic as possible : the stage, the game logo, the change of lights and colours during the game , game music and sounds (like for the buzzer), question panels and scoreboard, the countdown of the seconds , etc., and of course also : good questions.
The best news for the Family Feud game was ,that there were a lot of people, so MillionaireFan could make 2 teams of 5 people and start the game.

In this game, also VOIP was used : the questions were typed and spoken as well.

Everyone could either answer in VOIP or type the answer.For that, the players had more time to answer than in the real program.

There were several question rounds, the first question was about"Things that you can be proud of by paying taxes". The second question was "Name a famous Arnold". The third question was : "What makes you change the color of your face?". The fourth question was "Besides planes, what can you see in the sky ?".

Just like in the real game , there is a buzzer, then 1 team can play , and if they give 3 wrong answers, then it's up to the other team to guess for the anwers.
There were also rounds with double and triple scores. And the last round was "sudden death", which meant that a correct answer of 1 team means also that the other team has ended with playing the game.

Then there was an extra round for the winning team, in which they could double their scores.

After the game , MillionaireFan invites all the players to his new "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" game, which is now also located in the world Delight.

The plan is that both games will be hosted on the sundays when the Community Meeting has not been planned.