may+june 2017
  1 cell sculpture contest
* 1 cell sculpture contest
The 1 cell sculpture contest in hosted from 14th may till 17th june in Alphaworld on position 7873S 1366E. All contests can participate multiple times.
There are some limitations : besides the size (surface and height) , you cannot use movers, PE's , mirrors, corona's , external url pictures and lights , no VRT timers and no "say" commands.
The top 5 winning contestants win 10$ , and their builds will also be featured around the AWexpo landing zone.
Not too many participants, but there were more than 30 sculptures and the winners were announced on 2nd of july , after the community meeting
These transparent colored panels made by Memyself (#404922) is certainly the best build, and it indeed also 1 of the 5 winning builds.
When you move close tho the 3d sculpture, the panels are changing color and start to rotate as well , and where the panels are crossing with the other panels , then you see other colour combinations. When an avatar is standing behind the transparent panels, then you see a "negative" of the real avatar.
Another similar build , also made by Memyself, is this robotic face, when you walk closer, then the robot starts to open and close its eye and moves its eyebrows, and also its jaw is moving up and down.
The eternal falling ball , also made by Memyself, the ball falls down by using the gravity command, and never loses its "path" . It was also a prize winner.
In the background, you see "Jumping Jacks Kid" made by Kenneth (#313432). All moves work perfectly simulaneously.by using the "loop sync smooth" command.
Prize winner
Prize winner
Also Iao Moonshadow(#358444) made several sculptures . The "blessed moment" (mother with child) seems to be her best build, but was not part of the winners.
The "subtile meditation", also made by Iao Moonshadow , didn't win either. The sculpture consists of a constant change of background colour, while you see moving balls that never hit eachother and loop around in a rectangular track.
In the background you see a shrub made by Panne (#365962) . By clicking upon one of the poles near the shrub, you can change the leaves of the shrub.
A third build made by Iao Moonshadow "When father Time sleeps" became surprisingly one of the 5 winners.
Prize winner
Also Ms T (#350468) has participated with several builds. Her 5 entries can be found in a row on this picture . The thermometer (in the foreground) was a prize winner.
Lensman (#302479) always preferred making futurustic builds. Here you have 6 of his entries on 1 picture. The "Helium Atom" ( second sculpture in the background) is a prize winner.
Altough, it was not part of the top 5 , this '"Maoi statue" , made by Memyself , found also a place in the AWExpo area.
Prize winner
Prize winner