april 2017
  Easter egg hunt
The second edition of the easter egg hunt in the AWExpo Zone has been a success. This year the same zone has been used for the Easter Egg Hunt.This game has been realized with the help of Strike Rapier (#334303) ,who has developped the bot for this egg hunt game.This year Mel (#341444) and Genevieve (#281719) have placed the golden eggs in the AWExpo area. (= in Alphaworld on position 7700S 1400E)
The game is simple : click the golden eggs which are hidden in the AWExpo Zone The citizen who clicks the most golden eggs is the winner of the egg hunt game. The egg hunt bot shows your score, after clicking each new golden egg. You could also see the other scores by typing in the chat : /hunt leaderboard. And the scores could be viewed as well on the website of Awportals.com (of Strike Rapier).
This was the result :
citizens with a score above 200 points score
Starmeadow 259
Keshi 259
Panne 258
Merry. 254
AlbertaGold 253
Kenneth 252
Chumana 252
Jules Loves JC 248
Memyself 231
Briarkin 231
KittenWithClaws 227
Niteshade 223
Nutt 220
Erinroad 219
Toxor 206
RaD007 204
Long distance hunting.

There were 228 eggs hidden within the 200 meter radius of the egghunt bot, but however there were 267 eggs total in the greater Expo area.
This made the egghunt happening different than last year's egghunt. The egg hunters had to stay within the radius of the bot , then clicked long distance for the egg, they could get the egg to count. Sniper egg hunting became the strategy.
We thought it was impossible to count eggs with the bot, that fell outside the 200 meter radius of the bots location. This was proved wrong and changes the way we handle hunts in the future. This new discovery provies there are always new things we learn in Activeworlds.

Golden egg located outside the radius of the egghunt bot.