february 2017
  Party in the world Keppler22b
Every weekend we have parties in Activeworlds, we have the weekly TGIF parties on fridays, hosted by Mel on different locations .And we have also the Star City parties, hosted by Dovestar, which are mostly hosted in Star City in Alphaworld. But occasionally, Dovestar also hosts a party in his private world Keppler22b , like this party here on 25th of february. We went for a look.
This party was located at the beach at night under the moonshine. The dance movers were heart-pe's and at the top of the cocktail bar, there is a laser beam machine.
These people were upon the pictures , but it's a limited list, as the party had just begun :
Dovestar, Tiffany Lace, Panne , Jewel Dreamz, Beauty, Shes Wicked, Jules Loves JC, Briarkin, Ozyseo, Steve For Faith, Tabitha, and GoodPerson.