january+february 2017
  EBTS 8
* Extreme Builders Talent Show 8
The 8th edition of the Extreme Builders Talent Show was hosted this time in the world WildAW on position 1061N 921E 3a. The theme of this building contest was "builders choice" and there were 25 participants. The event was hosted  by Tart Sugar (#331363). The contest has run from 14th january until 24th february. After that, there was a team of judges who had to choose the 3 winners. The winners were announced on 18th march :
1st prize: Bach Zhaa, wins $140.00
2nd prize : Stayjit : wins $90.00
3rd prize : Toxor: wins a p20 world with hosting
Bach Zhaa had built an online game , into which everyone start to play, either alone or in competition or in team. The game name is called "Castle Keep" and was inspired on the working farm , which he had built before ( see article http://www.venice3d.net/2016explore30.html ).
Castle Keep is a kind of Tycoon boardgame, in which players need to collect wood and stone of food , in order to build their own castle. You could choose between 4 types of castles (medieval , egyptian , roman or fantasy. It takes about 15 minutes to get ready with you entire castle, if you play in competition, it will take a lot more time. When you have finished building the castle, then you can start to play for gold. The one with the most gold is the winner (if you play in competition).
This tycoon game is of such an advanced quality, that is was clear this is the contest winner without any doubt.
Stayjit had made a 19th century village in far-west style , called "The Town With No Horses" : all what you might expect to see in such a village : dust and wind, a saloon, a general store , a house of fun , the sheriff's house, a blacksmith, a church, ...
Stayit added some nice details : like smoke out of the chimneys , the shadows of the buildings and trees, objects blowing in the wind, avatar animations, light sources...
The buildings could only be viewed from outside, you could not enter inside of them. But in spite of that, this build was good enough for the 2nd prize in this contest.
Toxor had made 2 small games , which are easy to play (on your own) and last only for a minute. The 2 games are made with the gravity commands of Activeworlds.
In the first game, you need to click and throw balls into baskets. For each ball that falls into a basket, you get 1 point.
The second game is a kind of pinball game. You have 3 balls to play, the balls go up first and enter below into the boxes, which give you a score of either 10 or 15 or 20 points.
Both games and the scores system are working well , and this was sufficient for the 3rd prize of this contest.
Now we continue with some honourable mentions :
Johnny Kickass , who is new to Activeworlds, has made a multi-storey building with all kinds of activities on each floor. The is a hotel with suites and bath rooms, a lounge bar, a restaurant. Upstairs, sports hall with tennis courts, a video games hall, various gardens, and even at 931 meters height , there is an exotic island. Besides avatar animations, Johnny did use nice picture links (also animated pictures) and links to sounds and music as well.
Panne(#365962) had made a landscape of egg-shaped hills/mountains upon which you could find a network of staircases and paths. There is also a railway trolley that goes through those mountains, and for which double transarency was required. Upon some hills there were colourful houses and there was even a bar inside one of the mountains. At one mountain top, there was also a medieval castle.
Kenneth (#313432) has built a medieval castle in which there is a railway that shows various medieval scenes. One of the scenes was this knight with dragon.
Although she was not a competing contestant, Tart Sugar (#331363) made a simple but nice frog-in-the-pont. The bulrush and the dragon fly made the scene complete.
Ms T (#350468) made a moden and trendy handbag shop, surrounded with nice trees and shrubs and with parking facilities. At the roof top there was a huge handbag with leopard texture. When click upon that bag, a dollar bill note appears . Inside the building you will find a wide range of other handbag models.
RaD007 (#397704) has made a family camping with all facilities and details : a lake with cascade, a slide, an open air restaurant , wild animals , public baths, picnic areas with benches and fireplaces, a movie theater with 2 movies, etc.
Meescha (#424308) is also a new citizen, she used to build in other 3d platforms. And she learned quickly how to build in here and made an original house with garden.
Lensman (#302479) had built a ufo landing platform, below there was a space station "Krell Lab" , where you could view a video of "Forbidden Planet ".