january 2017
  Winter Holiday Village 5
* Winter Holiday Village 5
From 2nd december till 8th january , there was the 5th edition of the Winter Holiday Village. This building event is hosted by MaxPoly (#299422) and Bach Zhaa (#360197) in the world Winter.
The Winter Holiday Village 5 was located this time in the mountains, close to last year's holiday village and close to the ice rink. The buidling theme for this 5th edition is mountain cabins or resorts. This could be a ski hut or even a small village. The event was initialy announced as a building event only, but later it was announced as a contest with prizes to be won. Maybe this has been announced too late, and as a consequence, the number of the participants was rather poor. But in spite of that, there have been made nice builds.
The winners were announced on 15th january :
1st prize: Iao Moonshadow, wins a p20 world with hosting
2nd prize : Toxor : wins a p10 world with hosting
3rd prize : Ms T : wins 100 credits
All winners get terrain rights too in the world Winter.
MaxPoly realized a View-and-Vote system : everyone could vote, but you have to teleport first to all the participating locations before you can start to vote for the best building. The purpose of this vote system is to have a more honest vote : everyone should see the buildings of all the contestants before voting and not favour too much their closest friends. This voting system can be applied for future events or contests, in particular for the next CYAwards.
MaxPoly also made a map of the Winter Holiday Village, with all the previous Winter Holiday Village events , and with some interesting locations, such as the Candyland Game Board and the Ice Rink.
Iao Moonshadow (#358444) made a glassworks shop with beautiful glass objects, and in a seperate room, you will find an oven, where there are blowing the glass. Around the building, you will also find 2 nice (frozen) ponts.
Toxor (#391292) made a lot of skiing activities around his log house. Inside you had nicely decorated rooms , in the sofa people were enjoying watching xmas movies.
MsT (#350468) made a similar log house , also with a nice interior. She created nice snow layers on the trees and shrubs outside. As an example:
model : k_ctree3b.rwx
action : create texture snow1 mask=haze08m, scale 2
Other nice builds where the "Holiday Showcase Gallery" made by Chocolateberry (#384349) , and also Kirmden (#363437) made a decorated house with some nicely created pot plants. But those builds did not reach the top 3.