january 2017
  Christmas and New Years Parties

We look back at the Christmas 2016 parties and New Eve Years Party. They have been hosted in some existing, popular dance clubs which are worthwhile visiting : the Vortex Club, The Palace and the Space Bar.

* New Year's Party at the Vortex Club
The Vortex Club has been created in september 2016 by Dovestar and located in Star City a new popular building area in Alphaworld. Since the startup there are parties each friday and saturday either in The Vortex Club or in the The Doves Nest, which is also located in Star City. There was also a party here on new year's day.

You got the dance movers and there are coloured spotlights on the dance floor. You can choose between 5 radio stations, Doverstar's radio stations are called RJB radio and also Star City Radio. In the center of the dancefloor, you can read which song is played on RJB radio.

* Christmas Party at The Palace
The Palace has been created in may 2016 by Darkmatter and is located in Eternicity, a town in Alphaworld, which has been built almost completely by Darkmatter himself.

The location is very special because the walls, ceilings and columns are reflected into the marble. This was obtained by making the marble floor partially transparent, and by copying all the walls and colums and building them upside down.

The dance floor has the atmosphere of a Ball Room and has been used for the Christmas party event.
* New Years Eve at The Space Bar
The Space Bar has been also created by Darkmatter , but already made in 2013 ,and is located in the center of Eternicity (in Alphaworld).

The location has already been discovered in august , when the Riders of Alpha World went to Eternicity and explored the Palace and The Space Bar.

For this New Years Eve Party, the town center was transformed into "Electricity by night", with streetlights, laser beams in the sky, and and a light show in front of the Space Bar Club, made by Bach Zhaa.