31 March 2016
  Vinesauce Youtube video "populated" AW
* About the Youtube video
Youtube is a popular medium to publish video streaming, some people have specialized themselves in online streaming of video games. One of these is Vinesauce and he decided one day to make a video about activeworlds. This finally ended in a creepy video of him going through the world AWMyths and getting stalked by a Activeworlds user pretending to be a bot.
The complete (original) video lasts for 80 minutes. In the 39th minute, Vinesauce (or "Vinnie") starts to explore the world AWMyths, being unaware that this is an RPG world (=role playing game).
While exploring AWMyths with some appropriate music in the background and enjoying all the building scenes, Vinnie suddenly gets lost and could not open a gate to get further. Just at that moment, a bot starts to talk to him, asking if he is lost. Vinnie confirms and approaches the bot which is called Hitomi Fujiko. Vinnie followed the bot , which was able to open the gate for him. Vinnie began to ask to Hitomi if he is a bot or a real person.
Hitomi responded that he was not human and belonged to the elves race. Vinnie continued to doubt about the intentions of Hitomi , and got scared and noticed that Hitomi was following him too. At the end of the video, when saying goodbye, Hitomi was even capable of saying his own name (Vinnie instead of Vinesauce).
The video was finally very funny, and caused a massive inflow of new users in Activeworlds.
The full steam video (80 minutes) (102.000 views in 10 days)
The video remake (13 minutes) ( 850.000 views in 5 days)


* About Vinesauce
Vinnie posts daily new video streams of games on Youtube, and a lot of his videos reach more than 1.000.000 views, so will be the video he made about Activeworlds.
You can see games about Super Mario, Minecraft, SecondLife and hundreds of other 2D-games and 3D-games, all videos of Vinesauce have a mushroom-logo.
He has a Youtube channel for the full stream videos and also a Youtube channel for the edited shorter videos. Vinesauce is also on Twitter. And he has also his own website : www.vinesauce.com . And here your will find hundreds of other videos. With this massive offer of video game streams, Vinnie has become a very popular person.
Activeworlds was really unknown to Vinesauce and he logged in as a new user. You could notice this also in Vinnie's video because Vinnie did not know yet how to fly or jump (although the flying was disabled in the world AWMyths) and he did not know either how to use the F9 tabs screen. Vinnie just used the teleport signs and pictures which were displayed in the Activeworlds entry zone.
* About Hitomi Fujiko
Hitomi Fujiko knows the world AWMyths very well. When you go to the forum webpages of the world AWMyths , you will see Hitomi in the members list pages, and Hitomi has registered on this AWMyths forum already in 2009.
When you go to the profile of Hitomi, you will see a link to the personal web page, which is as creepy and mysterious as in Vinnie's video: http://hitomifujikoellomi.webs.com/.
The biggest surprise in Hitomi's profile is perhaps that Hitomi's profile gender is female, and that's how she appears also nowadays in Activeworlds.
Hitomi was used to play the RPG game in AWMyths, and she played that role playing game perfectly in Vinnie's video.
Hitomi Fujiko was unknown to the citizens of the Activeworlds Community. When you look at the avatar of Hitomi in the video, you can see that she has no star-rating yet, AW citizens which are here in Activeworlds during 1 year will get a green star, 1 year later they get 2 green stars, and this goes on until 15 years, when you get a silver/diamond star.
Activeworlds introduced the stars in july 2013, when citizenship became free. Ancient citizens which came back later , had to wait several weeks before they could obtain and recover their true star rating. (starting with 1 green star,...etc)
As Hitomi has no stars yet in the video of Vinesauce, then it must have been because she was away for several years and had just recently come back to AW, otherwise she would have had a star already. She has not been here since citizenship has become free and when the star rating was introduced.
In 2009 , AWMyths was still plenty of people and now Hitomi discovered that these people were gone and that AWMyths was empty now, and that's what she told to Vinnie.
* About AWMyths
We know a lot about AWMyths, because it is a popular world in Activeworlds.
In 2014 , Keshi explored AWMyths with the explorers club.
Look at this AWTimes webpage for that : http://www.venice3d.net/2014explore12.html
During the explorers club event in 2014, the gamebot was still active. You can see this on the pictures taken during that explorers club event, that there are hud screens in the upper left corner.You could play the game by collecting food, there was a bank, you could buy weapons and improve your combat skills.
AWMyths exists since 2006 and is hosted by Garrick and in 2014 there were 7 caretakers to help inside this RPG world, and the world looked very promising . RumpelStilkin developed the bot, but later there has been a conflict between him and Garrick , and Rumpelstiltkin left the team and left Activeworlds as well. Garrick continued with his own game bot, but he failed and left the world behind in august 2015. Most of the caretakers have gone , except Stayit, and he can aknowledge this story.
AWMyths has also a website http://www.awmyths.net/
The official AWMyths forum , where Hitomi Fujiko is a registered member :
And there is the forum by Rumpelstilkin (but who is no longer a team member) :
And AWMyths has also a Facebook group :
You can say that the world AWMyths has a large website support !




Flying and shift were disabled in order to play this game. When Vinesauce visited AWMyths for his video, then the general chat was disabled too : you could only chat by whispering to eachother. This was the consequence of the absence of the gamebot . For certain bot programs, you need to deselect the general chat, so that the bot program takes over the chat. But when you turn down the bot program, you need to reset again the chat to normal, and that is what didn't happen when Garrick had left AW with his bot.
But now finally Garrick came back too and reinstalled the bot. On the 30th of march, flying was enabled and the general chat was restored as well. And you could notice that AWMyths is a very large world, it's a p150 (=9 million square metres) , but you can explore are lot of mountains and land beyond that building area .On 31st of march , flying has been disabled again, and the gamebot has been reactivated . AWMyths can finally be played again !!!


Floatpig lives in AWMyths on position 23S 58W
* About Activeworlds
During the first days, the members of Activeworlds were not really aware of the impact of the Vinesauce video and the flood of new visitors. And they were rather disappointed about negative comments about Activeworlds and about the fact that there was no support and not enough indication about how to fly ..etc. , although this AW entry zone has been built last year for the 20th anniversary of Activeworlds. There was also a disappointment on 29th of march about the fact that people could not log in, because the server could not handle the massive flood of new users : some new users had to retry the registration 5 times , before they could finally enter.
Fortunately , people could enter again the days after. And lot of the Activeworlds membergs were online to welcome the new visitors. But a lot of ancient citizens returned to AW as well , after being away for several years. Also Hitomi is glad to welcome all the new users to Activeworlds.
Now the portal area has been reshaped with new tutorials signs and new teleports.
And the gamebot of AWMyths has been restored .
* About Youtube
Also on Youtube there were a lot of reactions. Not only for the 2 videos which Vinnie had posted, but also for instance concerning the songs that were played during the exploration.
When Vinnie explored AWMyths , he looked at his avatar, and saw that this was similar to the cover picture for the song of Jocelyn Pook - Masked Ball (Eyes Wide Shut). He played that song, and it was surprisingly the perfect song to explore the world AWMyths.
Then Vinnie decided to use music playlist which he also used for the video stream that he had made for the program Worlds. A big part of the Worlds program is dedicated to David Bowie and Hanson, but there another song in the playlist matched perfectly with the chat between Vinnie and Hitomi , it was the song :
The Mars Volta - Miranda, that ghost just isn't holy anymore.
The reactions/comments for both songs had suddenly another content....
There have been similar explorations about Activeworlds before Vinesauce came along. Jordan Friday explored Activeworlds in 2014 , almost the same way as Vinnie did, with the same enthousiasm, and caught the attention of all members of Activeworlds with his video, even when this video had "only" 4000 views and later he came back "again" for a second video. In 2014 the AWReunion was still the entry world of Activeworlds (see picture). Also Jordan Friday did not know how to fly in the 2 Youtube videos that he made in 2014.
In january 2016 Jordan makes a new youtube video, telling everyone that he will "restart" making new videos. People have searched for "Activeworlds" on Youtube had seen Jordan's video as well, and have posted reactions for his video of 2014 and told him about the new video of Vinesauce, and Jordan already replied that he would come back again to Activeworlds ...
Finally, there are "videos about the video" , with titles like "in search of Hitomi Fujiko".
There is even a video in spanish , the accent of this video is about the creepyness of the Vinesauce video, with the translation of the entire chat between Hitomi and Vinnie.
Also this video in german , made by Mythenakte:
* All kinds of questions
* Was Hitomi an NPC ? Of course not. But in Activeworlds you will find them. An NPC is called a bot here. Everyone can use a bot in Activeworlds, but you need to pay if you want to use them. When you see a bot, then it's name will be indicated between square brackets, so there is a clear difference between a person's avatar and a bot.
One popular bot is the Preston bot, here you can script phrases, and create a bot that gives answers to certain questions. But you need to enter all questions and answers yourself. Mostly the bots will only respond on words like "hi" and "hello" , or a few other words, but all of them must be programmed. !
Another popular bot is Xelagot (X1) . The big difference with the Preston is that you can also chat with that bot and start a normal conversion. So with this bot you can make Vinnie really scared :)
This is also a reason why in Activeworlds they are using "clients" , instead of users. When you see 100 clients in Activeworlds, then a part of it are users and another part are bots.
* Only Hitomi could open the gate ? No, everyone can open that gate in AWMyths. Vinnie just forgot to click upon the gate, he just moved forward and thought that the gate would open by bumping with the avatar against the gate.
However, there is a building command in Activeworlds, which makes it possible that only a few users can open/move/teleport certain objects. This command is called the "clickowner" command , followed by the citizennumbers which are allowed to execute the command (e.g. open a gate) , but this was not the case for that gate in AWMyths.