RAW * Riders of AlphaWorld
20th august - This time Genevieve's R.AW. Club explored the town Eternicity. For this occasion , the event was hosted at 4PM VRT instead of 9PM VRT , so that citizens from other time zones could participate at the event as well. Eternicity consists of futuristic and large buildings, and the whole town has been built by Darkmatter (#342319) . He started with his first buildings in 2001 , and he is still adding new buildings today.

RAW * Riders of AlphaWorld
  Bach Zhaa's working farm
14th august - Before the days of summer pass many of us by it is time to visit Bach Zhaa's working farm. With the many special effects that are found at this location, there should be something new for each one of us to see .There will be many interactive activities once we reach the farm so the tour will allow plenty of time to do so. You will be able to learn how to raise a barn, paint fences, plant and process your own food, and even sit down to enjoy your own harvest. After a hard day of work, you can enjoy the luxury of a hot shower before you step out to watch the changes in the scenery that surrounds you.

  EBTS 7 - Extreme builders talent show 7

16 April - The EBTS 7 was hosted by Bach Zhaa in the world Yellow on position 1800N 1600W during february and march. After 2 weeks of judging, the winners were finally announced. After the winners had been revealed, it was the moment to explore all together the best builds of this 7th Extreme Builders Talent Show.

The explorers Club

09 January - The first explorers club event of 2016 went to Intramuros, this whole building area is made by Stanly (#299665) and represents the old town of Manila (in the Philippines) in the 19th century during the spanish colonial period. The buildings are made into perfection, and as a consequence the whole building area looks very realistic. The explorers club event is hosted by Keshi , and during this event we could hear ethnic music while exploring the area. Intramuros is located in the world America , and at the entry point , you have a teleport to 236S 149W.