december 2016
  Cross Words and Memory Puzzle

This new game has been created by Panne (#365962) and is hosted in his world Venice3d. The every player has to play in turn and choose 2 numbers on the game board, below the numbers you will find either a letter, which is a part of a word , or a picture or symbol , which is part of the memory game. The game ends until all the numbers on the game board have been revealed.

If you have a letter, then you also have a question like in a crossword puzzle, but the word can begin/end anywhere on the gameboard and in any direction.
If you have a symbol or picture, then you need to try to find the second picture, as for a memory game, all pictures are in pairs of 2.
The game is difficult at the start, but becomes more easy as the game proceeds, because more and more letters are displayed on the gameboard.
Gameboard at the start of the game
Gameboard during the game : more and more letters get releaved.
The first game has been hosted on 27th november, and has been re-played on 11th december with some improvements.
The main improvement was that everyone can follow the game at any moment now : if you get disconnected from activeworlds and you return to the game, or if you enter later into the game while the game is running. Now you can see which numbers have been chosen already and which words have been solved. Every new player can join in at any moment.
Another improvement was adding a green panel behind the player's names, indicating whose turn it is to play and to choose 2 letters on the gameboard.
Gameboard at the end of the game .
You can read about the game rules (+ about the improvements) on this page :
The second game is hosted on 22nd december and is a christmas edition of the game : all questions and solutions are related to christmas.
Game of 11th december. (with some game improvements).
Game of 22nd december. (1st christmas edition game).
Result during the game.
The game was replayed with other players on 25th december.
Result at the end of the game.