october 2016
  Halloween 2016
Halloween is one of the most popular themes in Activeworlds, it's the time of creating scary places, horryfying avatars and spooky parties. There was again a building event with a Halloween parade, and this year, there was also a Halloween costume contest.
Halloween parade
The Halloween parade took us along the Halloween builds of 2015 and 2016, because the same building area has been used as last year. The Halloween 2016 building lots can be viewed in AlphaWorld on position 9132N 19026E .


Graveyard by Blue Geen Gem (#307543) (built in 2015)


Millionaire game : Halloween edition by Millionairefan1

on the left side : Graveyard by Throw Away (#413707)

on the right side : The Birdcage by Nonomus Birdicus (#413318)
VIP Graveyard by The King David (#381600)
Halloween video hall entrance by Panne (#365962)
Entrance to the VIP Graveyard (The King David ) (#381600)
Inside the Halloween video hall (Panne) (#365962)
Witches hat house by Beauty (#105386)
Halloween calendar by Panne (#365962)
Funeral car (The King David ) (#381600)
built by Iao Moonshadow (#358444) - with spider web fence
Halloween parade mover
The Birdcage (inside) by Nonomus Birdicus (#413318)
Halloween parties
There were several Halloween parties this year. Traditionally we have the party by Ozman and Apooka in the world Yellow. Besides that, there was a party in the Birdcage in the Halloween 2016 area, also the TGIF party (by MeL) and in the Vortex Club in Star City (by Dovestar).
Party in the Birdcage
Party in the Birdcage
Halloween Party in Yellow (entrance)
Halloween costume contest
This year there was also a Halloween costume contest, and for the winner, there was a prize of 25$. You only needed to create a Halloween CAV(avatar). During the community meetings, it was explained how to modify the skin colour of your CAV avatar, by using the skinmap tweak. You could also use movers for an addition to your costume or for disguising your avatar, as long as the mover was not too big. The final winner of the contest was Beauty, who had made a peacock feather costume.