september 2016
  The Legend of Marco Polo 
This event was hosted by the french speaking community of AW during the month of september. The event consisted of worlds, in which the participants had to search for a word or phrase. It could be a puzzle, a riddle , or images,,or a complete quest game. These were the participating worlds :
1. Aeolia ( Horsy)
2. Francais (Arsène)
3. Marcomania (Marcopolo41200)
4. MyGreen (AY0)
5. Polynesia (Marcopolo41200)
6. Venice3d (Panne)
7. + a terrain in Alphaworld (by : Yan)
The main world was Marcomania, with teleports to the participating worlds and with the scores of all participants. In each world, there was 1 solution for which you got 1 point, if you were the first one to find the solution, then you get 1 point extra. The participating world owners could also participate, but not for their own world.
One of the participating worlds was the world Aeolia, owned by Horsy, here you had to search for objects in some areas of the world. One of the areas you had to explore was the Lego Village, which consists of hundreds of lego model objects and avatars.
In each place you had to count the number of objects, for instance, in Lego Village, you had to count the number of palm trees. Finally you had 4 numbers, and this was the code number for opening the door to the next challenge room.
This challenge was a puzzle game, and this was the most difficult part of the game. Here you had to click upon the dices that lighted up in orange. Now you had to continue to click until you were able to light up all the other dices. Once you had found the dice that could opened the transparant door, you had access to the secret room, where you could finally find the quest word.

In the world MyGreen, owned by AY0, you had to explore MarcoPolo's castle.
Inside the castle you had to find 7 riddles, which could be found by clicking upon objects and avatars. Some avatars were telling you nothing or gave you misleading information.
The avatars and objects with the riddles were hidden very well, and all the riddles and information were in french, so for english players it was impossible to find the solution. But even if you spoke french, the riddles themselves were very difficult to understand and you had no clue what so ever to solve them. Anyway, the game was very nice to explore , and maybe if you would remake the same game in english, then this game would be a very fascinating game to play.
The world Venice3d is owned by Panne, and the theme for this world was movies. In the real Venice, you have the 2-yearly film festival in september as well.
The game was located on the St.Marc Square and consisted of images of actors, and of letter cubes in the middle of the images. And you had to search for the letter that did not belong to the actor's names. Finally you had the 9 letters of the solution , but still in disorder. There were additional hint games to help you.
Hint games 1 and 3 showed images of 10 other actors together with yellow balls with a number. For instance, for number 2, you needed the 2nd letter of their name. Then you had to enter the 10 letters of these actors on an alphabet display, and the correct code revealed an image code of the actors of hint game 1 , now it was easy to find the enigma word, which was Cinecitta, which was in fact a non-english word.
Hint game 2 was similar to the dice game of the world Aeolia : here you had to select the red balls under transparant pyramids. Each red ball revealed an image about Rome or about film studios When you googled for the film studios in Rome you would find "Cinecitta", this was another way to find the solution.
The winner of the games was Horsy, who was able to find all the solutions (except of course, for his own world Aeolia ).There were several participants who have tried, but without scoring any points, finally there were 6 participants, which have solved together 20 enigmas in total.
There are plans to host the event again next year, the game concept was good, but there will be some changes, in view of having more game participants.
* The event will be 2 weeks instead of 1 month , because after the 2nd week, there were barely any new players.
* The games should all be bilingual (=all in english as well ), the fact that games were not completely in english kept players away.
* The games should be easier to be solved. The enigma of Arsène in the world français was really too difficult . However, Horsy and Yan did solve this enigma.
Horsy gets a p10 hosted world for winning these games.