august 2016
  The Riders of Alpha World (RAW) 

Genevieve (#281719) has started up a new kind of event in may 2016 , which turned out to be a success. The events concerns making explorations in Alphaworld with bike movers.....The R.A.W. Motorbikers Club. also called The Riders of Alphaworld. Custom made bikes have been created in the AWExpo mover park (7747S 1401E ) and are provided to all who wish to participate. But you can choose any mover in Alphaworld, just click upon the mover spot in order to attach the mover , and then teleport to area that will be explored.

Motorbikes in mover park of AWExpo - 7747S 1401E
The idea of these biking tours is quite simple, but its done with a mover technique that is unknown to a lot of users. The Riders are asked to set their "Auto Walk". While riding forward with this Auto Walk, they can type things in the chat window at the same time.
For using this Auto Walk , go to : Options - Configure Controls - Auto Walk
Now you choose a hotkey for the auto walk , for instance . the key "ù"
Then try this out on your avatar : press the arrow key to go forward , then press the hotkey and the avatar walks automatically. Stop the auto-walk with hotkey "5".
And now we do the same with the mover bikes : first select the mover , then move forwards with the arrow key, then press the auto walk hotkey. Stop riding with hotkey "5" and press F12-key to detach from the mover

The event will be hosted once or twice a month, and the event will be announced on the website AWPortals.com and other resources. Each tour has a different starting point so download first that area, prior to the start of the tour,before attempting to teleport in with your bikes. (You can teleport with your bike mover too , as long as you remain in the same world).

The RAW event explores some nice locations inside Alphaworld, and those places will be published in the "Explore"-column of this AWTimes website.