august 2016
  ZooKeeper game

The ZooKeeper game is another boardgame created by Maxpoly  (#299422), Bach Zhaa and MeMyself, and the game has been introduced during the Activeworlds birthday week in july.

The game is a bit based upon the Candyland game, you also need to walk with your avatar upon the gameboard, but you will see here Zoo animals instead. The largest difference between the 2 games is that you have here a large spinning wheel instead of cards. When you click upon the wheel , you obtain a random number from 1 till 6 , which can be compared with throwing a dice cube.
The entrance to the ZooKeeper boardgame is located in the world Winter on position 734N 1858E 1A.
The ZooKeeper Game as well as the Candyland Game can be compared a little bit with the classic game "Game of the Goose", where you also need to proceed a numbered path and play until your reach the finish line.

As the game has been developed by 3 people, the ZooKeeper gamebot has some more advanced functions, like the random number on the spinning wheel. The game has a hud screen, where you can see the scores, and it shows whose turn it is to play. When there is a winner, the gamebot tells that the game is over.

Besides showing the game on the huds screen, you can view all game scores and instructions in the chat window as well. If a player goes afk and forgets to play, then his/her turn to spin the wheel will be skipped automatically, so that the other players can continue to play. The gamebot also indicates where your avatar needs to go upon the gameboard, and also checks when the avatar has gone to that position.
The game can be played by yourself or by multiple users, and while the game is running, new players can join the game at any moment.

The gamebot instructions in the chat window and on the hud screen.
The ZooKeeper spinning wheel
Besides playing the ZooKeeper game , you can also enjoy the animations and sounds of the animals in the zoo.

As from the 17th of august , there has been started a tournement in the ZooKeeper game, just like is done already for the Candyland game . The player that wins first 5 games in that tournement wins a 25$ gift card. The prizes are all donations. The game is hosted each week. It might take several weeks before a player wins 5 games, but as soon as there is a winner, the a week later, a new tournement will be started.

The gamebot tells and shows you where you need to go .