august 2016
  Candyland game

Although this game already exists since march 2015 , there hasn't been made an article about this event yet. The Candyland game is a gameboard and has been created by Bach Zhaa, and the gamebot scripting was done by Maxpoly  (#299422). You can find the game in the world Winter on position  636N 1971E , this is at the entry point of the Winter Holiday village of 2014/2015 + 2015/2016.

When you arrive at this position, you will see a map of Winter Holiday village, if you click upon "Candyland", the map changes into the Candyland boardgame.
But this gameboard isn't used anymore for gaming : ....
The first Candyland game board (of 2015) - 636N 1971E
There has been created a new gameboard in march/april 2016 in Winter on position 650N 1966E and has more game function than the first gameboard.
The game is very succesfull but is hosted very late (other time zone) . As a consequence there only a few pictures of the event, and no article had been made about this game .But recently , Maxpoly has created a new game : Zookeeper game, similar to the Candyland Game, so it is better to talk first about Candyland game.
By clicking upon the gameboard, you get a top view. Press END to come back in normal camera position.

The game is made with a gamebot, and it consists of cards, and upon these cards you will find colours. First shuffle the cards , then each player selects a card and will see the colour upon the card. Then each player walks with his/her avatar on the gameboard itself, following the candybar line. The number of spaces that each player can proceed is based upon the colour of the selected card. The purpose of the game is to get as quickly as possible at the end of the candy bar line. The one who finishes first is the winner.

Candyland consists of tournaments : A gamer who wins first 5 games in that tournement, gets a nice prize,( a donation ), usually a 25$ gift certificate. The game is hosted each week, after several weeks of playing, until there is a new winner. Then a new tournement starts again.

The new gameboard (of 2016) (top view) - 650N 1966E