july 2016
  Bot Classes
Karten has already started in may with Bot Classes in his world ReginaUP , and this event is for everyone who is interested in using bots.
Karten, who also owns the world ReginaDN, and in this world he runs 12 bots , some of them are used to make an automatically working railway system. So Karten has a lot of experience in using bots.
During the bot classes, Karten will talk to you about how to start using bots, and where you can download the bots. He will explain which are the most popular bots, and which functionalities and purposes they have ( advantages and disadvantages).
The bots class area is a grass field and on each side, the grass field is surrounded by tutorial panels of pictures and signs.
The panels are grouped together for each bot type seperately : Preston , Xelagot , Yasbb , Magsbot ,Yabb Lite, Dem2rwx, ... because every bot is different and has to be started up in a different way.
Karten often uses a laserpen to show clearly what to do.
Also the bots themselves are online too , so that Karten can explain immediately what each bot can do. You can also talk about bots of which no pictures are displayed (e.g Stachelbot). The main thing is that you can talk about it, and learn things from eachother in this bot meeting as well. The bot classes are hosted 2 hours before the AW Community Meeting , this is twice a month, on sundays at 4PM VRT.